Godville, May 10 2016

Dear Godville Gods,

This world turns six today.

Congratulation to the gods, goddesses and all their heroes.

Don’t forget to congratulate your champion with a godvoice to get a special and godpowerful offering in return.

Don’t hesitate to cheer the arena judge, dungeon master and fellows sailors as well.

Do it for the next three days and enjoy the festive Godville.


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Pondimonium 4 May 10 2016 23:47

You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. Happy 6th!!

AsTheTidesRoll May 11 2016 00:38

Yay! Godville turns six today.

Burd3n 4 May 11 2016 00:38

Happy 6th Birthday Godville! May there be a thousand more! I found this game three months ago and I play it everyday, wish I found it sooner. Next rounds on me in beerburg!

Weise Socke 4 May 11 2016 00:52

Happy 6th Birthday :D You guys rock!

Codyjc 4 May 11 2016 00:59

Congratulations happy sixth birthday

Lord Erkman 4 May 11 2016 01:18

To many more years! Congratulations to all of us

Archetype Earth May 11 2016 02:00

Happy sixth birthday Godville!

Iampie May 11 2016 02:39

6?! It’s the apocalyplse!

Happy birthday!

Superkamigurushay May 11 2016 03:02

Happy birthday just started playing amd like it already :-)

ReiEryx May 11 2016 03:30

Congrats! Happy 6th Birthday GodVille and team! May the fun be ours, forever! _

Bellatrixie The Strange 4 May 11 2016 04:16

Congratulations, Godville! I’ve been playing almost five years now, and this little game has changed my life, bringing me fabulous new real-life friends and a roof over my head, which they are kind enough to share with me. I’m constantly amazed by the wealth of personalities here in Godville – so congrats, too, to all of us for keeping this game alive and well!

MrAtomic 4 May 11 2016 06:30

Congratulations! I love my ZPG life.

Peripheral Terror May 11 2016 07:50

I was in hole, desperately wanting to duel but out of charges. Thank you for providing a way out, and thank you for this amazing game in the first place. Three huzzahs for Godville!

Leoxane Eirene May 11 2016 08:08

Congrats Godville!!

Holocene May 11 2016 09:24

Happy 6th Godville!

Waskilly wabbit May 11 2016 09:28

Ok did the congrats thing for the 6th anniversary… Got this message…

09:19 Cheers to you too, Almighty! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten strange things out of this world…

What 10 strange things? Nothing seems to be anywhere! Lol Is this coz im playing on a mobile??? Can anyone help.



Avgp May 11 2016 13:09


Denerim May 11 2016 13:14


07:10 Congratulation heard, Mighty One! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten blue brickets…

I don’t see any blue brickets anywhere…

Anyway, congrats to everyone on six years!

Venerate May 11 2016 14:09

Check your godpower charges. Ten things or brickets mean ten charges. I guess.

Waskilly wabbit May 11 2016 16:59

Yep.. Got it… Ya spot on. Thank you!!!!! Happy birthday godville?

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