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Godville, Aug 07 2016

The time has come to share another batch of misc goodness that was in the making over the last couple weeks.

Cloud storage for god voices:

  • now you can save your godvoices to the GV cloud! You can use this feature to keep a backup of you godvoices, to sync your godvoices between different devices, or just to keep your lists tidy (that’s when browser’s voice editor comes in handy);
  • mobile apps have save/load buttons in the voices list, the web browser game has it in the voices editor (click on the ⚙ icon in the recent voices list);
  • all three voice lists (travel, duel, dungeon) can be saved/loaded separately.

Re-send last god voice for browser players:

  • press and hold voice “Send” button to pre-fill last voice (very handy, make sure to check it out);
  • Alt+click “Send” to re-send last voice immediately, while Alt+click voice field to pre-fill previous voice;
  • Alt+click a direction on the dungeon map to pre-fill the direction voice without sending it, so you edit or customize it.

New push notifications:

  • on duel/dungeon/sail buttons becoming available;
  • on passing by a certain milestone;
  • on meeting wanted and special monsters;
  • on low health while traveling.

Forum post editor improvements:

  • couple new formatting tags have been added;
  • you can now tap/click on a markup help entry to insert the corresponding tag (especially useful with quotes);
  • use one Return to insert a line-break (or two returns for a paragraph);
  • Ctrl+Enter shortcut to send your post without reaching for the Send button (while Esc will close the editor).

Finally, there is a new button to copy a link to the personal page you are currently viewing. Should be handy on a phone or tablet.

Some of these features are already available while others will require an app update. All updates have been submitted to the stores and will be available as soon as they pass through the stores’ policies (few hours for Android and Windows Phone, couple days for iOS).

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Mulletron Aug 12 2016 09:40

Groovy update. Handy utility stuff. Nice. Almost like a (2 – (lim—>2)) player game is going on!!

God Nischal Sep 27 2016 19:47


God Nischal Sep 27 2016 19:48


Angelsmark00000000 Oct 01 2016 09:58


Chris the Man Jan 05 2017 04:20


Chris the Man Jan 05 2017 04:21

I am Groot!

Mycroft Holmes Jan 14 2017 07:59


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