Godpowerful Holidays

Godville, Dec 23 2015

As usual for this time of the year, snow sprinkles the fields. This strange white substance causes quite interesting transformation in the Godville’s fauna. Traveling minstrels report spotting herds of Satan Clawses and alike, carrying bags, allegedly, full of presents. Another kind of monsters – special Holiday ones – known to drop some “blue pills” also known as accumulator charges. These days even regular monsters run their pre-holiday errands, which means they might have something interesting and activatable. As a tradition, a merry town of Laplandville seems to appear out of nowhere just in front of the Godville’s gates.

This time around, there is one more present. A sudden and equally unexpected alliance of Mad Scientists and Godville Times Editors produced something special – Godpower Capacitor. This marvelous thing slowly draws godpower out of the Godville’s thin air for any god to use. Yes, with a flick of a finger – once a day – you can transfer its contents into your Remote Control and get a nice power boost for whatever you need!

However, there is a catch: the capacitor is one, but gods are many. Normally, once the capacitor is used it’s discharged to 0% and it will take some time to get the charge again. But since holiday air is very special and, you know, god-powerful, for the next few days it will always have at least 25%. Afterwards, things should get more interesting and will require a bit of skill and luck to take more out of it. Give it a try, let the force be with you!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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JuniperRose Apr 16 2016 00:25

It’s not it’s not working anymore.

Gabriel o filosofo May 02 2016 02:50

Sou brasileiro e esse jogo é de+ !!!!!

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