Godville, May 10 2012

It’s been two years since we launched this game. That makes today our birthday! We hope that the last year brought you lots of fun and excitement; at least as much as it did for us. Congratulations to everyone and, to mark this great event, all present gods just received 20 godpower charges at their disposal!

What’s a holiday without a new great feature? Behold: starting today, your hero will occasionally take special mini-quests – a series of very short (less than an hour) quests, which could be minor, yet profitable distractions from the hero’s main task. Since mini-quests are not of the prime importance, the hero can easily give them up, and gods can urge their heroes to drop these quests with the usual “cancel quest” god voice. However, the heroes who successfully finish a series of mini-quests are destined for special outcomes, including a brand new one – a duel-like fight with a boss-monster, resulting in an especially lucrative reward and a new game achievement!

Finally, spring is a good time for cleaning and it’s a great opportunity to remove some stale game content. We’ve opened up a new forum topic where everyone can post their personal list of their most disliked pieces texts. Hopefully, this will make Godville even better.

Thanks for staying with us! Happy Godville New Year!

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Zardox May 11 2012 01:59

Wow that’s awesome, Thank you!!! I love this game it’s fun to play/watch and talk to people on the guild counsel. Thanks again for a great game!!!

Kaimi 4 May 11 2012 02:14

Thank you Godville.

Astrid thorsdottir May 11 2012 02:17

Thanks GV! Happy birthday! :)

Lord Olson May 11 2012 02:19

Sweet!!!! I got 30 charges now

Fred Flintstone May 11 2012 02:36

Thank you for giving me humor everyday for almost two years (I joined after 97 days). May this site have many more anniversaries.


Sleepy-Sara 4 May 11 2012 02:44

Thank yoooooou :-D

Dankbuds May 11 2012 02:59

HAppy birthday!! Heres to a good one, thank you for the charges. I’ll keep an eye out for the updates. c:

SemNomi May 11 2012 03:03

Happy happy birdday

Stonerman May 11 2012 03:04

Happy birthday godville :D it has been touch and go, but in the end worth it and very fun :) thanks for the charges! I can’t wait to try out some new updated material!

Necro1 4 May 11 2012 03:10


DMB052493 May 11 2012 03:56

Godville rocks!!!!

Buschen May 11 2012 04:13

Happy Birthday! And thanks for the charges. I love this game!

Hufflepuff 4 May 11 2012 04:23

Happy birthday, Godville! :D and thanks for the charges!

Stevie1 May 11 2012 04:27

Happy birthday!! Thank you for the charges!! I enjoy the game so much!

Lady of the Moon May 11 2012 04:42

Happy Birthday Godville!! :D

She-06 4 May 11 2012 04:43

Happy birthday! I am really enjoying the game & look forward to all of the new content. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment!

Sharrah May 11 2012 04:53

So THAT’S where the charges came from! Cool! Thanks, guys!

Aspeon May 11 2012 05:03

Happy birthday and thank you for the charges!

Jasjovi 4 May 11 2012 05:08

Happy Birthday!!! Love this game so much.. Thanks for brighten up my life… :)

Refrex May 11 2012 05:29

Wow! Happy Birthdat Godville. Thank you for the charges ^^ Can’t wait till mt heroine encounters a mini-quest :))

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