Ideabox 2.0

Godville, Nov 14 2011

As many of you have noticed, the Ideabox has gone through some changes over the last couple of weeks as we have introduced “dupe” and “flag” buttons, to provide authors with better feedback.

That was just the beginning. Today we’re adding a brand new feature to the Ideabox – the Enhancement Room. It is a special place for proven Godville community members to tweak and enhance the most promising content submissions that have passed through the first round of voting. Hopefully, further careful reviews and the ability to tweak ideas into a ready-to-add form will shorten the review queue and speed up the whole process for both players and authors!

An exhaustive description of the new feature can be found here. Hopefully, this update will bring more awesome content into the game more quickly, to the joy of both players and authors.

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Deprivus Nov 15 2011 02:13

Great idea. Keep up the great work devs :)

Yeahweh Nov 15 2011 03:45

Great stuff. Looking forward to this.

Omg I Am God 4 Nov 15 2011 05:11

This is fantastic. Not only will it improve game flow, people will get their ideas implemented more quickly. They will also have better feedback on which ideas are working.

I also like increasing the votes necessary to 100. That is definitely enough time to decide if an idea is good enough. I can’t wait until I have 70 IQ points.

Thanks and nice going.

Perkulator Nov 15 2011 13:49

I still cant vote :(

Utsuho Nov 18 2011 08:07

Fun fun

Hecatoncheir Nov 19 2011 14:28

Add Me Modesto Perera Ughh lvl 12 is going so slow, wish I could start doing this now. Great idea though keep up the good work.

Zarquon Nov 25 2011 14:49


Vashisbetter Dec 06 2011 17:42

Great idea guys!

FreeTibet Dec 08 2011 22:14

Pretty cool. Fell free to add me to your Godwillfriends.

The Epic Soul Dec 18 2011 23:10

Great idea’ its cool

Kristin Ninga Jan 28 2012 01:56

Sounds Great!

Arch Nemesis Mar 29 2012 22:40

Oh, I gave up on trying to submit an idea in the ideabox when I had enough votes to have an idea put through, but it was rejected. I’m glad you guys keep updating it though. I hope others are more fortunate than I

Stonerman Mar 30 2012 22:56

This…it’s so beautiful :’). The ideas are very important, and improving in such a way is a crucial step. When an idea is accepted, and added into the game, you feel great. When denied, you will try harder, playing more and getting more creative.

Kbaz1998 Mar 31 2012 09:50

My idea is that there should be an item that let’s you level up five times.

Golgren Apr 18 2012 20:19

There should be more ways to advertise guilds and people just turning lvl 12 should be given the quest to join the lesser known/popular/smaller guilds

Gibbler Apr 19 2012 18:42

I’ve noticed the voting on new ideas tends to be very negative (it is possible this is simply a reflection on the merit of the ideas of course). I worry though that negative voting could be a method of protecting someone’s position in the pantheon though…

I’ve thought there are some good new suggestions (not necessarily mine!) with very large numbers of negative votes, while some lesser quality items or monsters (IMO) are already in the game. I think the suggestion mechanic is a brilliant part of Godville and it would be a shame if voting is being abused to protect pantheon rankings…is voting monitored to prevent abuse?

Zune May 13 2012 00:10

Well I’m putting ideas in da ideabox

Lady Kalistra May 13 2012 19:54

I rather agree with Gibbler’s comment about voting practices.

Greatandpowerful Jun 04 2012 08:49

App for windows phone would be a great. i.e. awesome

Jackalope Farspire Jun 27 2012 20:11

I have been enthralled with Godville since I found it. One of my favorite features from the get go was the idea box. I have seen that there had been a lopsidedness to the voting since I started. to the point that I once saw an artifact proposed called “Ideabox Yes Vote” and its description w as something along the lines of “The most elusive and rare artifact in all of Godville” It wasn’t until now, with Gibblers comment that I had any idea why they may be voting everything down. If that is the case (pantheon ratings) my heart will be broken, because I love this game too, and want a chance to participate. Its why I play, and what will continue to get me to bring my friends in. I almost quite contributing over the brutal nature of the Ideabox community, and even began just voting yes to everything as a way to counteract the extreme negatives. I’m glad this dialogue has opened up.

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