A note about yesterday’s downtime

Godville, Sep 07 2011

Lots of you may have experienced problems when checking your heroes yesterday, as GV servers were not available or were returning error messages. First of all, we’re sorry that happened, and we want to let you know about the situation and what we plan to do in order to prevent it from happening again.

Our hosting provider informed us that due to some excavation work, a fiber optic cable that connects our datacenter (and 4 others) to the Internet had been cut, which caused everything to work really really slowly or sometimes not work at all. We tried to mitigate the issue by tuning up the servers, but that wasn’t enough to work around the underlying connectivity issue completely. After approximately 8 hours, the underlying connectivity issue was fixed by our hosting provider, which resolved the issues in accessing our servers.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to manually restore or rollback all the bad things that happened to your heroes while they were wandering around without supervision from their gods, but here’s what we’re going to do to prevent it in the future:
  • tune up timeouts in our mobile apps to better handle situations like this
  • fix some newly found bugs in our Android app related to error messages when servers are not available (some of them were already fixed in v2.5 available in Android Market, but this version is still going through the Amazon Appstore review process and not yet available to those who downloaded the app from the Amazon Appstore)
  • provision for additional server capacity to handle even more requests
Here are some tips for our players:
  • follow us on twitter @godvillegame to get the latest updates, especially at times when our site is not accessible
  • if you’re using our Android app and for some reason you were logged out of your account, but had never set a password: please try to login with your godname and an empty password
  • be aware that due to Amazon’s review process, app updates to Amazon Appstore are very likely to reach you several weeks later than the same update in Android Market


During yesterday’s non-stop endless patching & tuning session, we accidentally messed up one of the servers, which eventually backfired causing some of the accessibility issues observed today. As of now, this problem is resolved and everything should work fine. And to prevent this happening again, we promise to try get some sleep and be more careful even when our inbox is flooding and things are on fire.

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Comments (80)
VWfreak Sep 07 2011 23:01

Was workinng fine yesterday evening and this morning but nothing now :( and things were just starting to get good!!

Seqiro 5 Sep 07 2011 23:07

I didn’t have any problems yesterday, but now I cannot connect through my iPad app and on Mac OS X 10.7 in Safari the page just keeps refreshing and saying it can’t connect in Turbo mode.

Mrkiller Sep 07 2011 23:18

I didn’t have any problems yesterday but today its not working at all for me, I miss my hero

Jen Michelle 4 Sep 07 2011 23:24

yeah – phone app hasn’t refreshed since 8:18 am pst today. Can’t do much on-line since the pages is refreshing itself faster than I can type…

Daenerys Targaryen Sep 07 2011 23:37

Has been frozen all day for me.

Xanman Sep 07 2011 23:40

Yeah I’m starting to like this game but it stopped working again. /sad face

Defender for Good 6 Sep 07 2011 23:46

Uninstalled game from Amazon and installed from Android Market. STILL DOESN’T WORK!

Rufustjynd 6 Sep 08 2011 00:34

I was down all morning yesterday, and when I finally got back on, my guy was dead. I logged on this morning and had no turbo boost. Android app crashed at 0944 this morning. Uninstalled/reinstalled from Android Market, still doesn’t work. Now my home computer won’t log on at all. This really sux.

HazeLMFAO Sep 08 2011 01:00

When is this gonna be fixed. I’m bored

Lunamoth Sep 08 2011 01:01

Has not worked at all on android app, uninstalled & reinstalled today & still wont work. love the game, hope it gets fixed soon!

Rosamund Sep 08 2011 01:01

I have had downtime quite a bit over the last 24 hours on my iPhone. But that’s all I have experienced since I started a month ago. Still love the game and am looking forward to playing again, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for the great game and the updates.

Arijo Sep 08 2011 01:02

This better fix itself quick or soon cause it happened to me again! It wont load and its super annoying…

Misery In Motion 4 Sep 08 2011 01:28

These server issues could not have come at a worse time. My level 17 pet died just before all these problems arose. I fear I’m not going to be able to raise the funds in time to resurrect my faithful companion because of my inability to interact with my hero. :(

His Royal Dudeness Sep 08 2011 01:39

Fix the game!!! This blows. My character died for the first time because of this bull shit. If its not fixed soon ill stop buying charges!!!!

SPUSMC13 Sep 08 2011 01:41

Been 9 hours here, bummer.

Vamier Sep 08 2011 01:43

My android app has not been updating at all today. Been checking it over the last six hours or so and it just will not refresh. Killed the app, uninstalled it, and reinstalled it. No good.

Sir Diolo Sep 08 2011 01:56

thanx for this awesome game. i hope the problem will fix soon

Vakhen 5 Sep 08 2011 02:01

Anything from the admins? Looking like another game that isn’t going to survive the long term. Very promising and enjoyable. Until the last 2 days.

Joachim Zeal Sep 08 2011 02:52

For the Developers ,keep it up you’ve been doing great with this game and do not let the few angry players get to you about tech issues.Hope you can get the issues fixed and I know ill hang in there over the issues.

Nigelhanzo Sep 08 2011 03:03

Wish u godville team all the best in fixing d issue.. :)

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