Eye of the Beholder

Godville, Jul 19 2011

From the early days of Godville, the diary of a hero was limited to just 10 entries, making everything else that happens to the hero a mystery to his god. However, evolution has given gods The Third Eye – a new divine ability to see and capture the most important events in the hero’s life, even if they were hours or days ago. The Eye opens starting from 5% of temple completion (yep, only fifty bricks), and expands its range further as the hero keeps progressing with temple building.

The important events can be viewed under the ”!” sign on the superhero page and our mobile apps will also start displaying them after one of the upcoming updates.

Lastly, searches on forums just got a little bit better. Now you can add some specifiers to your query (e.g. +, – or ””) and hopefully, get better results. Make sure to give it a try next time you need to find something on the forums.

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Youmadbro Aug 08 2011 05:38

Yessss finally!

DrinkerOfSouls Aug 09 2011 12:26

Sounds good, can’t wait until it’s on android!

Mortalin Aug 09 2011 21:46

You guys truly are geniuses!

Tijn Aug 11 2011 00:06

Nice, I like it!

Goats Aug 19 2011 13:18

Wooten for the update

The Goddess Aqua Aug 26 2011 05:46

Cool…i like The Third Eye

DrOg 4 Oct 10 2011 13:26

Anyone have trouble viewing the super hero page on your Android? Running 2.3.3 on a rooted HTC incredible with the OVO Community rom RC1. When I try to access the super hero page I get an error message and a choice to download Google chrome, Firefox, opera, etc… Works fine on my PC though. Really cool feature.

Azure Prime Nov 12 2011 21:27


DrOg 4 Nov 13 2011 04:31

Since the update I’m having no issues. Love this feature!

Hecatoncheir Nov 19 2011 14:26

Keep up the good work, awesome idea; In the future I hope we can influence character skill choice. Modesto Perera << Add Me

Rebos Mar 29 2012 22:39

I would like to see god’s enfluence go beyond encourage and to set special paths and cities to visit too.

Blood Lust Mar 31 2012 17:14

This new app is helpful

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