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Godville, Jun 13 2011

Today we’re back with another batch of good news: in response to many requests, both our Android app (in Android Market or Amazon AppStore) and iOS apps have been updated to include a new “Nightly” theme, that should be especially useful in dim light conditions. Make sure to check it out by updating the app to the latest version and turning on the new theme on the Menu->Profile screen.

Another newsworthy change: starting today, heroes are less likely to understand a mid-duel god voice that requires them to do multiple different things at once (e.g. heal and attack at the same time). Hopefully, this will make god voices more interesting, so please account for this change in your dueling strategy.

Finally, the game world has just received yet another content update. We hope that you and your champion will like it!

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Jargus Jun 13 2011 21:54

Does a voice that includes orders such as “attack, strike, and fight” also count as giving multiple orders even though they’d all have the same result?

Kaeso Jun 13 2011 22:28

It seems all multiple commands have a smaller chance of being effective, not just ones that contradict themselves? I tested it out, multiple heal style commands had zero effect. As soon as I narrowed it down to one, it worked both times. Coincidence? Please can we have clarification.

Dronak 6 Jun 14 2011 01:51

Thanks for the night theme. I generally like darker backgrounds with lighter text, so this is good. The voice change makes some sense—how can you attack and heal at the same time? But with how our heroes seem to like to ignore us anyway, being able to send multiple commands in a single voice is useful at increasing the chance of them doing something we want. It’s a little disappointing to see that removed, unless the chances of them understanding and actually following a single voice command has been increased to compensate.

Sonicman Jun 14 2011 09:17

Night theme looks great, i’ll appreciate it when i find my hero lacking hp at 2am.

TianKY Jun 14 2011 16:06

Loving the new night theme!

Amarastu 6 Jun 16 2011 05:35

OMG I LOVE THE NEW NIGHT THEME!!!!!! Thanks admin, keep up the great work. I love this game :0)

Blood Lust 1506 Jun 21 2011 13:32

I love the night Theme… What a good idea.

Meat01 4 Jul 28 2011 09:11

Looking great! Even the logo is shinny!

Crazyldy Feb 29 2012 15:20

I <3 the night back ground!

Crazyldy Feb 29 2012 15:22

What is voice change? I’m new at GV.

God Dragon Mar 02 2012 14:16

Hey don’t get me wrong, I love the new night theme. But is there any way you can come up with more kinds of themes?

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