Influencing Trading

Godville, Feb 09 2011

Since the earliest days of Godville, the incredibly insolent traders have been immune to divine intervention. Often they have abused this freedom and taken advantage of naive and trusting heroes. Luckily, all injustices come to an end eventually, and from now on gods will have a chance to bestow heavenly grace or divine wrath upon especially arrogant traders. It seems there will be quite a few thrilled to at the prospect of throwing a lightning bolt into a huckster’s eye.

Another area we’re improving today is the ideabox. Newcomers will start with a very straightforward version of the ideabox, with additional options being gradually unlocked over time, once a player gets more immersed in the game and its spirit. New changes are already available in the browser, and the iPhone app will offer these features in the next update. Hopefully, these changes will reduce confusion and increase the overall quality of submissions.

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Nkd 4 Feb 09 2011 20:40

Cool! ;)

Nexus Feb 10 2011 01:27

I’ve done this a few times now. You can get traders to give up nice freebies. Seems to be a tradeoff, though. I cannot melt a brick in town since this started. Hope I’m just unlucky so far, otherwise just more money for heroes to blow in taverns.

Yamio 4 Feb 10 2011 03:21

Very useful. I could melt the gold into brick in front of merchant!

Yamio 4 Feb 10 2011 03:23

12:10 The trader suddenly started to cry and hid under the counter, chanting something about hundreds of deceived heroes. I took that opportunity and grabbed 391 gold coins into my loot bag.

12:10 Mysterious forces created a golden brick in my wallet. Almighty One, was that you? Why don’t you build a temple by yourself?

Nexus Feb 10 2011 04:11

Ah, my bad luck then. Oh, well.

Keithustus Feb 12 2011 20:24

So by what commands do we interact with traders?

Wtffles Feb 12 2011 23:03

Use Punish or Encourage

06:02: I pretended to be Death and took 456 gold coins from the trader by promising him to delay his inevitable demise. Thanks for the camouflage, Cunning One!

Equalsthree Feb 12 2011 23:04

06:02: The merchant tried to quietly steal my diary of a feral hero, but suddenly a fireball flew through the window and stopped the huckster. Serves him right, doesn’t it, my Lord?

Lord Ignatz Feb 24 2011 18:35

After using this feature many times now, one thing I’ve seen consistently is that if you use gp to influence traders, your hero is much less likely to buy health potions after selling loot. Something to keep in mind, that makes me less likely to do this without a good reason.

Yonmei Apr 29 2011 11:12

But how do you use it? I’ve seen my hero trading a few times and there’s never been any option to interact with the trader. Come to that (with regard to Lord Ignatz’s comment) how do you use healing potions? They appear, italicised, and then generally disappear, unused. And why don’t tools actually work? I've tried a few times and basically, you click on the , it disappears, and nothing ever happens as a result.

Yonmei Apr 29 2011 11:13

I see upthread you use “punish” or “encourage”. But this is a one-click tool, there’s no option to direct punishment or encouragement at the trader or anyone but the hero.

Kristopher2011 Aug 20 2011 09:00

Yonmei u can never aim it, u just use a punishment or an encourage nd hope it does wat u want. When ur character is selling loot use punish or encourage. Also heroes auto use healing potions, its just often traders have sold u a fake one that does nothing

The Ark Sep 01 2011 02:21

21:18: The trader suddenly gave me a big smile, winked and gave me a community chest. I’m sure this huckster has something on his mind.

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