First Temple in Godville

Godville, Dec 17 2010

Local squirrel reporters say that people are rushing into the newly built temple, eager to take a closer look at this work of art. Some even saw other heroes sneaking inside among the others and furtively giving prayers to the mighty god. Temple monks predict that the large influx of pilgrims will provide a regular source of godpower, strong enough to charge the accumulator from time to time. This steady replenishment of charges will come in handy. Since the temple provides a new earthly residence, the god has a direct conduit to provide true miracles for his greatest admirer and other city dwellers. This new and very special kind of influence allows the temple’s owner to make things happen in ways that have never been seen before. The full list of the temple’s benefits can be found here.

Our congratulations to the first temple’s owner and to all his friends and fans, as we celebrate this wonderful milestone in Godville’s history together. We’re off to celebrate, and then we’ll start preparing for the next great chapter in our history.

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Jared W Dec 17 2010 15:13

now possible leave the arena so the reast of us have a chance? :P

Wesha Dec 18 2010 01:40

Some people have more cash to waste than others.

Medjes Dec 27 2010 21:06

Win / Lose 337 / 12

Yeah, sure.

Yuna Jan 02 2011 08:56

4 months huh…? 4 months to build a temple…shouldn’t like everyone have one by now? Nope…and I agree with the wins/loses comment

Digi 4 Jan 24 2011 10:51

337 wins is only 33.7% of a temple… so he had to have spent a lot of money turning gold into bricks as well.

Tylerwashere Mar 05 2011 09:22

Wow. Congrats. That does seem like a really weird win/lose ratio tho…

Kamala Mar 19 2011 22:19

How do you turn gold into bricks? Anyway, congrats!

Killthejelol May 20 2011 22:47

How do you even spend money?

Picsou Jun 05 2011 00:04
Gravatar do you change gold into bricks?

Ansie Jun 07 2011 16:42

How many golden bricks for your tempel

IDD Jun 08 2011 17:25

Ainsie. I think you need a thousand bricks to build a temple. Picsou. When you have over 3 thousand gold peices you can encourage to turn it into a brick. Check out the faq for more info.

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