Going Souls-like

Godville, Aug 25 2022

Let’s start with the news for everyone: the second season of Know Your Monster is here. Every day a picture of a monster will be published in Godville Times — guess the name of the monster to send your hero a special present. KYM will go on for a couple months, so don’t miss out. Huge thanks to all the artists who submitted their work into GodWiki.

But the main dish today is for the experienced deities who already completed all major goals of the game. If you already built a temple, finished an ark, collected pairs and wrote a book — rejoice, as now your hero starts another tremendous project for your enjoyment!

It’s time to take care of the soul… or souls, to be precise. They are essential in any world. Souls come in various shapes and forms – dark, wicked, pure, etc – and could be saved, sold, enlightened, freed, you name it. Obviously, there must be a place for them in Godville. So let our heroes harvest a whole bunch of them — for yet to be known, but very godly reasons. Five thousand should be enough — just don’t get too scared with the number, it won’t take longer than usual.

There are three ways to catch souls. Firstly, a hero can extract them from special soul monsters which he will occasionally meet in travels. Secondly, many lost souls take hot baths deep underground, so they could be found in a dungeon’s basement, two at a time — one in the treasury and one from the treasure boss. Thirdly, souls could be obtained after completing a side job.

Neat thing: the souls that a hero finds differ not only by names, but also by their spirit. Once your hero finds a soul you’ll get access to Spirit Refinery — a sort of divine distiller for all soul-related things. There you can refine them for a special soul extract that can be used to grant a special boon for the hero.

As usual, a god doesn’t have to do any of the above. Godville is still a Zero Player Game, so the hero is capable of finishing this task on his own, it just takes longer. Play along as much as you want. To make things more exciting, a new pantheon is coming soon.

Make sure your Godville mobile app (Android, iOS) is up to date for the new goodies to work properly.

Comments (46)
Orgm 4 Aug 28 2022 07:24

5000 ks good. I thought that if the next major goal comes at 8000, i think that in my current pace, i won’t be able to keep up.

Thanks for this amazing update devs! And thanks for the bug fixes too.

REDyota Aug 28 2022 11:12

Awesome stuff 👏

Amechania 4 Aug 29 2022 03:22

This is such a cool new addition.

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 Aug 29 2022 07:28

This is great!! Thank you so much. You guys are the best keep up the good work!

Hankvi Guidza 4 Sep 06 2022 05:43

Sounds all refreshing and worth sticking around. Thanks for the awesome update!

Time to get more smiting and writing…

Auwall Sep 22 2022 08:38

That looks great! Thanks!

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