11 YO

Godville, May 10 2021

Nice day today, isn’t it? May 10th is always nice, because back in 2010 on this very day Godville was born. Eleven years later and it’s still going strong and kicking, amusing all the deities and their heroes.

All these years would not be possible without the help from our tight-knit community of creative deities. Be it an idea submission, a bug report, ER or wiki edit or just hanging around — it all makes Godville better for everyone. So let’s get our anniversary cookie jar and grab some goodies.

First of all, congratulate your hero with a godvoice to get a festive pack of godpower charges. Then use godpower capacitor in Godville Times (while not in a duel) to get something else. Hunt for sweet anniversary monsters gleaming of godpower. Do all of that for the next 3 days to keep the party going. Let the fun begin!

Cheers everyone! Happy Eleventh, Godville!

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Luiz May 10 2021 23:06

Thanks a lot :) Happy anniversary

AeroGod 4 May 10 2021 23:36

Wow, can’t believe my character has been through almost all eleven years! Awesome to see what the devs have created!

Spirit of Tzahal May 11 2021 00:20

Eleven years! Who would’ve ever believed? I, and my dear heroine Moria, are humbled and honored to be part of this adventure.

Thank you for the many years of joy and fun, devs! Long live Godville!

Red Shirt Crew 4 May 11 2021 00:38

Happy birthday and here’s to 11 more years!

Dao of Citizenship May 11 2021 01:00

Happy birthday~ may it prosper forever more! On to glorious Chronicles, dungeons in the sky, the thousand islands hidden in the wild seas!

Best of luck to every god and hero of this beloved community

Talissa 6 May 11 2021 01:06

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! So glad my hero has been here for most of those years! Looking forward to another 11 years, and then some more! Thanks!

Raven 6 May 11 2021 01:08

Happy 11th birthday! In this crazy world, Godville has been the one constant I can count on to bring a smile to my face each day.

Anathema Pulsifer 4 May 11 2021 01:51

Happy Birthday GV

Augnoramous 6 May 11 2021 02:55

Yay! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Jannnie May 11 2021 04:11

yay congratulations on ten years!!🎊

Lvykm May 11 2021 06:45

Happy 11th birthday!!

Watermelonkitten May 11 2021 09:12

Happy birthday and may it keep the money rolling in

Mannivu 4 May 11 2021 10:35

Well Happy birthday Godville!

Neko Aoi May 11 2021 10:36

Happy Eleventh, Godville! 💗

Daynes May 11 2021 11:08

Happy Birthday ^^

Zorro 6 May 11 2021 12:56

Wow! Happy 11th anniversary / birthday!

Jeremyloss May 11 2021 14:36

happy birthday godville

The Omniscient Being 4 May 11 2021 15:55

I’m lucky to share a real life birthday with this fantastic game. Here’s to 11 more (and at least that many for myself)
HBD 11 years, HBD 40 years

Kyote 6 May 11 2021 17:38

We have come a long way in amusement

The Almighty Frans 6 May 11 2021 18:35

Happy Birthday Godville! You’re already bringing me joy for quite some years!

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