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Godville, May 24 2018

You’ve probably been receiving a lot of emails about the changes to how your data is kept and managed. We’re tired of it too, so let’s keep it up to the point.

We’ve updated our privacy policy, in case you like reading such things. There are no meaningful changes in a way your data is stored or managed. We don’t keep much of your data to begin with and when we do, we don’t share or sell it to third parties. After all, we’re just making a cozy game, not a business monster to secretly gather some private data and sell it to the highest bidder. Hopefully the policy now explains it in a way easier to comprehend.

And what’s up with game news without new features? So here it is: from now on you can update your email as many times you need or even request deletion of your account. Hopefully, you won’t need the last one – but in case your will, head to the app’s settings in the newest Godville app (already being rolled out and will be available over the next couple days) or here.

Taking care of you, Devs.

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Haona 4 May 26 2018 12:34

TiaMarie May 28 2018 02:49


Lady Baxter Turk 4 May 29 2018 11:21

Thanks for the updates! ?

All Mighty Joyce 4 May 29 2018 17:20


Beruga Jun 01 2018 13:33

Hahaha nice update!

XoT3K 5 Jun 02 2018 14:32


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