Special artifacts

Godville, Aug 21 2010

Every single day makes the heroes grow wiser and wiser, until the moment their brain reaches a new level and they learn something completely new. Today is that day – all our heroes have just learned something new about the trophies of battle. Suddenly they’ve realized that some of the items they find are different from the others. Not only can they be sold to the traders, but they can also be used to the owner’s advantage. The simplest of these artifacts will come in handy as first-aid kits, possibly saving the heroes from another death. The most experienced and the wisest champions have already started to gather healing items from nearby traders and drug stores.

More sophisticated artifacts require more intelligence to operate, so it’s not surprising that heroes have no idea how to activate them. However, almighty and omniscient gods (or goddesses) are there to help – by using a certain amount of godpower, you will be able to activate those items for your pawn. Once activated, the item will affect the hero in a variety of ways – it may teleport him to a town, give him a couple of golden bricks or do something awesome or crazy for him. You can get more information about the item’s effect by hovering the mouse cursor over the activation sign (@) or by tapping on the disclosure icon, if you’re playing on an iPhone or iPod touch.

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Narine 6 Aug 21 2010 22:43

Yay :) It’s time for more surprises)

Thegreatdestroyer Aug 21 2010 22:45

good idea!

Dorc Aug 23 2010 00:35


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