Undead Ahead

Godville, Oct 30 2013

It’s known that certain astrological alignments of stars cause defeated monsters to rise as the undead. Strong rumors have it that this Halloween will see undead summonings like never before. On a positive note, hallo-zombies sometimes carry very nice loot with them, so consider meeting them as a sign of good luck. Zombocalypsis will last for the next three days – forewarned is forearmed!

In other news, there are bunch of sweet features in dungeons. Their interiors have just been updated with new rooms, monsters and other goodies. Moreover, the heroes have finally learned to put treasure direction hints right on the map (which, btw, is now displayed on the fight’s log page, once exploration is over). These nice additions will surely make spelunking more pleasant.

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Artsonian 6 Nov 01 2013 18:22

THANK YOU for the in-map directional hints!!! I had a RealLifeVille Boss come in, and scrolled back to see the pointing skeleton, but it was going to take too much thought to figure out where it was. Click the mini-map, and the most gorgeous arrow appeared. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Artsonian 6 Nov 10 2013 13:50

Added thanks for item-describing notifications: “Your hero has found a special item” is now “Your hero has found a {mystery box/token of friendship/hexcavator/etc.}” It’s wonderful to have a heads-up before diving back into the app to see if it’s an item of value to me at that moment. For example, if I’m in a meeting, I might sneak over to GV to activate a Gift of Fate, but I know I won’t be able to use the Mole-Extracting Shovel at that point. So …. THANKS!

Bamz Borgez Nov 19 2013 19:07


Cole dragon blood Nov 25 2013 00:59

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Emek Nov 25 2013 10:05

Please add me :)

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