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Godville, Jul 27 2010

Just 9 days ago, the Godville app for the iPhone went live at the AppStore. Since then we have received a tremendous number of ideas and new phrase submissions, thousands of grammar corrections and a couple of bug reports for the app. Today we are happy to say that version 1.1 is out. Not only does it have most of the reported bugs fixed, but it also brings you a couple of cool new features: nicer responses for god controls, votes for the random shouts you see in the diary and an easier to use ideabox. Find more on this update in the app’s forum topic and please rate the app, if you like it.

Thanks to the app, a lots of new gods have found their place in Godville. All these gods need to be different from one another somehow, so that heroes won’t confuse them in their prayers. To help the heroes out, today we are not only nearly doubling the sizes of existing pantheons, but also adding three new ones: pantheons of construction, creation and destruction.

The pantheon of construction represents the heroes who have got closest to one of the main goals of every hero – building a temple for his god. There you see how the progress of your champion relates to that of others, based on the temple completion state. The gold bricks can be obtained by completing quests, winning in fights and other means (check out our FAQ for more details).

Pantheons of creation and destruction represent two distinct sides of heroes’ characters: goodness and evil. Repeating encourages make heroes kinder, whereas punishments make them angrier and more evil. The heroes with the most defined character take higher places in these pantheons. Small hint: true evil heroes hate kindness, as much as the kindest heroes avoid any signs of anger. So if you want your hero to stay on top of one of these pantheons, you probably would be better to use only one of the influences.

A quick reminder: once your hero reaches level 12, he will unlock a brand new feature for you – ideabox votes. If you’re playing in the browser, you’ll see a new ideabox link in the top menu. If you playing from the iPhone, the link will appear in Menu->Ideabox page (in the iPhone client it won’t show up until level 15, but you can open pantheons and click on the ideabox link from the browser page). There you can see various game items and phrases submitted by other players and vote for them. Remember: the more good ideas you vote up (and more not so good ideas you vote down), the more interesting adventures your hero’s adventures will be.

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Keep it up team ! We love your game :)

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