Godville goes mobile

Godville, Jul 18 2010

Today we are happy to announce that our mobile app for Apple iPhone/iPod just went live at the AppStore. We’ve been working on it for quite a while over several months and we hope you will like it.

Here is what you can do with it:

  • observe all hero’s stats all the time (including PvP fights)
  • encourage and punish your pawn and send him god voices
  • invite / delete and message your friends
  • browse the pantheons
  • post to Facebook and Twitter from the app
  • submit bug reports, grammar corrections and brilliant ideas using built-in ideabox
  • receive various push notifications

As of now, the app is available in US, UK, CA, AU and NZ stores (other stores will be added later). Please note that the app for Russian Godville is also in the AppStore, but it won’t work with godvillegame.com, so make sure you grab the right one using this link or by searching for “godville” and picking the app that has its name written in english.

Here is a special forum topic to discuss everything related to the iPhone app.

In other news, we are launching two new gadgets for Godville today. These are small plugins and extensions that display the hero’s basic stats. There will be two extensions available: a Google Chrome extension (credits to Vizael) and a Mac OS dashboard widget.

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Echocore Jul 19 2010 16:54

It’s really a shame that it’s unavailable in russian appstore. maybe it’s an option to add some sort of switch between servers to russian version?

Очень жаль, что в русском аппсторе английский клиент недоступен. Может как вариант добавить переключение между серверами в русский клиент?

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