Godville for Android 2.0

Godville, May 16 2011

Thank you all for your feedback on the preview version of Godville app for the Android. We’ve smashed a couple of bugs, and finally uploaded our renewed app to the Android Market! (the update will also get into Amazon Appstore as soon as it gets through Amazon review process) As always, your ideas, suggestions and comments are welcome here.

Meanwhile, as a part of our continuing efforts to process ideabox submissions, we went through ALL the ideas in the monsters and artifacts sections (special thanks to Wishie for helping us out), adding hundreds of new items into the game. Hopefuly, one day we’ll be able to get back to you with more exciting news from this front.

Comments (32)
Acoloto 4 May 16 2011 22:11

Marvelous. Love the update, keep up the good work!

Cheshire Mad 5 May 16 2011 22:21

Great job guys!Thanks for new monsters!

Wolf Spirit May 17 2011 01:03

Love the update! Keep up the great work!

Dronak 6 May 17 2011 01:41

The new app looks good, but it looks like it takes up more vertical space. I’m pretty sure I used to be able to see more on the screen before than now, and I kind of miss that already. It may be a bit easier to tap things now though, so I guess it’s a trade-off. The ability to change the background would be a nice option to have, too. The current one is good, but on my device, solid black helps save battery power, so I’d like that. Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work!

Inparadisex27 May 17 2011 08:45

Love it… HTC thunderbolt

Ilgristia May 17 2011 11:21

Awesome job, guys!

Tiralise Elune May 17 2011 15:27

You go Wishie! :)

Lazy May 17 2011 19:27

This Gmae is Stupid fun, looking forward to higher levels and new worlds. Keep up the good work guys

Xeed May 18 2011 08:23

I kinda didn’t like all the clouds and stuff.. Maybe an option to switch to plain theme?

Shalafi 4 May 18 2011 08:50

It would be nice if the background reflected the Personality of the hero – clouds and blue skies for good, flames on a dark background for evil. And of course an option to switch to a plain background.

Brilliance May 18 2011 09:54

That’s a great idea Shalafi.. +1 :D

Utzmetah May 18 2011 18:39

The update is wonderful! I love this new app :D thank you!

Tylerwashere May 21 2011 00:24

Awesome game! One of my girlfriends artifact ideas got added! Nice

Wolf Spirit May 21 2011 15:55

I love the new app! The only problem I’ve encountered is when you are on a duel, the rival’s hp is not refreshed unless you manually refresh the page.

Rawkel May 24 2011 15:47

New app looks good. I kind of liked the old look myself, but I’m all for change and improvement. It seems to take longer to load some stuff, especially chat between other gods now. I’ve also noticed the HP issue in duels. Good work guys.

Muted- Jun 01 2011 09:50

new member just found this game … found it in the Android market and i love it … i get on about once and hour just to see what my hero has been up to

Minddesigner Jun 01 2011 17:00

Doesn’t work on Samsung GT-I5500. It would be nice if it worked.

Andeesaurus Jun 09 2011 18:31

Love it so far! Add me Andeesaurus

Prince Jos Jun 11 2011 01:17

Add me

Druidstorm Jun 14 2011 14:25

A truly wicked game! That’s works wonderful on the Acer Iconia Tab!!!...)o(

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