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Godville, Jul 04 2010

Today is a great day for Godville. We’ve been working really hard to bring you another awesome feature and today we’re finally ready to announce it. Folks, please welcome – duels. No longer will your hero wander around Godville’s realms alone. Starting today, heroes can meet other heroes in adventures and have lovely, yet deadly fights. The winner takes all, and the loser… gets to try his luck some other day. One thing to note – the hero will get into fights on his own, but it’s up to you to help him out with voices or influences. The FAQ has been updated with several answers related to this matter, please check them out.

Some of you have been wondering what the “Win/Lose” line in hero’s stats means. Well, starting from today it finally make sense – this line shows how many times your hero won or lost to other heroes in duels. Once your hero gets out of his first fight, the link to a mini-score board will become available (showing a detailed score on win/lose info for every opponent your hero ever met) as well as a link to the last fight log.

Starting from today a new suggestion type will be available for submission through the ideabox – a phrase for a duel. Take a look at phrases during the fights and submit your variants using this section. And please note that in terms of scope and number of new phrases this feature is huge, so we expect errors, typos and other weird things that need fixing. If something catches your eye – let us know using the correction form, ideabox or forum. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated.

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