Maintenance Notice

Godville, Feb 19 2011

On Sunday, Feb 20th, from 4am to 5am (EST) we will be performing maintenance on our game servers. During this time, you may experience problems accessing your hero. The arena will be disabled during the whole maintenance period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

Comments (4)
Sensei Blood Feb 20 2011 12:24

Thanks for the advanced warning. We appreciate the hard work that goes into the maintenance and updating of Godville.

Becko Mar 16 2011 21:56

Yeah,what he said! :) kthxbi xx

Pyroice Mar 31 2011 05:29

@sensei blood Suck up =P

Hannah7 Aug 03 2011 23:06

Thanks for the notice it is very nice that you gave a warning. Congratulations to whoever it was that came up with such a brilliant app!

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