Rise and shrine

Godville, Dec 07 2010

An essential element of any RPG is some sacred places, imposing lengthy and often interesting effects on the players. Sure enough, it sounds like a cool feature for our wandering-here-and-there heroes. So let there be shrines all around Godville! They will give special auras to our heroes, making their travels even more interesting – at least for a few hours.

Another feature we’re adding today is an ability to report offensive or inappropriate language written by some naughty gods. To do that, click on the small triangle next to the hero’s name on one’s personal page and select the item which has inappropriate language. The same can be done for the forum posts, using our new post menu that you can find next to the post author’s name.

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Anmoris Dec 07 2010 17:35

Aures here are good, thanks! Modering… OK, we can’t live without it.

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