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Godville, Nov 13 2010

Since the early days of Godville, we’ve been accepting various feedback sent by you guys. Unfortunately, it turned out to be hard to process all of the ideas in real-time and, as things stand today, some of the types have been delayed for several months. We’re certainly not happy with that situation, but while we are working hard on it, there have been some improvements to the ideabox process that should make things a little bit better.

Starting today, the ingenious pieces section (available after level 15) will also mark rejected ideas, giving you better information on its state once voting by the community is completed. So, accepted ideas will be highlighted blue, rejected ones – red. If there is no red or blue highlight, your idea is still awaiting its destiny. We’ll be working through our catch up plan, hoping to get back to you with more good news on this soon.

If your idea got rejected, don’t hurry to get upset. If you believe that it matches the game’s spirit and is actually really awesome – bring it up for discussion in the special forum topic. We’ll be monitoring the discussion there, and if something great shows up, it may find its way into the game.

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Jeime Tenro 5 Nov 13 2010 19:37

That’s cool.

Fel1dragon Nov 13 2010 21:52

Excellent idea! How about giving people who are high in the gratitude pantheon or are active and helpful in the forums a chance to help vet some of the ideas? You could offer them ten ideas, and if you believe they are fairly judged they can help to sort all ideas, letting new content get in faster.

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