Heroes’ Best Friends

Godville, Oct 05 2010

According to some unknown laws of the Godville universe, every hero should have a little company on his dangerous adventures. Traditionally, heroes look for like-minded creatures with a similar IQ level so they feel comfortable around each other. Once they find one, they will gladly start spending their time, nerves and money for a beloved pet, occasionally getting something nice and worthless in return. Despite their utter uselessness, personal brutes are becoming incredibly popular among Godville’s inhabitants. The trend is really taking off since heroes finally learned some basic animal training.

Once the hero reaches adulthood (level 18), he begins to look for a critter to domesticate among semi-defeated monsters. In theory, the older and more experienced the hero gets, the better pet he could tame. In practice, however, it’s very likely that he will stick to the first appropriate one he meets. Still, it can take a while to find that appropriate one among the gazillions of monsters out there. It’s important to note that it is up to the hero to tame the pet, not to the god. The hero finds the one he likes, bridles it, and even gives it a name – all by himself. The god has no control over the pawn’s brute whatsoever, so just relax and leave it to your champion. Like their masters, pets can level-up, get stronger and become even more useful. And just like the heroes, sometimes they die.

Depending on the type and class, pets can have different abilities. Some of them can quickly perform urgent in-the-middle-of-the-battle surgeries, restoring their master’s health. More aggressive ones may prefer to give the enemy a hard time instead. And some very special ones can be strong enough to quickly grab the owner and escort him in some random (and hopefully right) direction. It’s also worth noting that pets are quite reluctant to help for most of the time, which doesn’t really matter that much, because true heroes are going to love them anyway.

Besides the pets, here are some other smaller changes that got into the pipeline:

  • PvP duels now have better visual separation of turns, which should make it easier for gods to understand what’s going on.
  • The issue with overlong duels has been addressed as well. Somewhere after turn 50, the damage (and heals) inflicted to the heroes in the duel will slowly start to increase.
  • For easier troubleshooting of Turbo and Super-Turbo update modes we are launching a special website, where you can test if it works for you or not. More on this in the turbo-mode FAQ.
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BigHemp Oct 05 2010 21:39

Yay, pets! Can they be resurrected?

Wesha Oct 06 2010 05:21


Jeime Tenro 5 Oct 06 2010 05:34


Nenga Oct 06 2010 06:01


Danqazmlp Oct 06 2010 13:24

Wahey pets!

Rossie Mar 08 2011 21:18

wow luv it!!!!!

Ben-chan Apr 28 2011 06:22

Oh yeah! Love them so much! even though i dont have one yet…

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