Godville, Mar 31 2024

Today’s a big day, dear deities. For the first time in the history of Godville, a hero reached an epic milestone of collecting a full set of souls. A huge round of applause for Ngma!

So, what’s the grand prize? The list is extensive, so bear with us.

Up first, a gleaming new medal and a fancy title of Soulcatcher, along with a corresponding achievement.

As expected, our pioneer cements their legacy in the Pantheon of Soulfulness.

Their soul extract limit in the Spirit Refinery is increasing to a whopping 200%.

They have the privilege to name their ark, a title they can proudly display on their profile and in sails.

Another great perk — soulful hero gets immortality! Talk about an upgrade. It comes with some fine print, here it is:

Immortality doesn’t equal invincibility — the hero can still lose to monsters and pass out in dungeons, like with a similar aura. But they can’t be killed; and their pets won’t get knocked out, as there is no longer a need to risk their lives to protect their owners. Immortality lasts for 40 days, after that it can be prolonged with spirit extract and a batch of new souls (those keep piling up). Prolonging is up to deity — being mortal has its own charms.

Now, with all these wonders, what’s next? Well, we already have an answer. A soulful hero can now work on Constructs – small-scale projects to enhance their property and unlock unique features.

Currently, there are three constructs available, buildable in any order:

  • The hindsighter for the ark allows taming pets the hero has outgrown level-wise.
  • The cryopod for the lab lets one stash an extra boss inside.
  • The temple tower, while currently featureless, undeniably makes the temple fancier.

Each construct requires various resources, such as spare wood or souls, and takes several months to complete. Naturally, they also could be constructed passively, just slowly — this is a Zero Player Game, after all.

Oh, and there is a set of new achievements for constructs.

Whew, this covers it all. Once again, congratulations to Ngma!

Btw, check that your Godville app (iOS, Android) is up to date — tomorrow this will come in handy.

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Weise Socke 5 Apr 01 2024 23:31

Congratulations :))))))

Brinjal 6 Apr 02 2024 09:35

Congratulations to Ngma and thanks to the devs for keeping the new projects coming! Looking forward to finishing my soul collection now!

Heredees Apr 02 2024 14:57

Wow, Congratulations to Ngma

Coolbp5 4 Apr 02 2024 15:03

Congrats Ngma and thank you devs!

Heaven Refining Apr 04 2024 17:17

Congratulations Ngma!

Mordryn Apr 06 2024 15:13

Congratulations Ngma! That is one hell of an achievement!!

Keea Apr 07 2024 03:29


Xanahex Apr 14 2024 03:09


Klausinskius May 06 2024 15:40


Nytenor May 10 2024 15:23


Jimmy Bill Bob Jun 25 2024 11:18

Congratulations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Axorria Jun 25 2024 16:00

Congratulations!!!! That’s freaking amazing! 🎉

Tribble Lord Jul 02 2024 00:20


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