Summer Refreshments

Godville, Aug 14 2023

Massive Content Update
Dear readers, it is that time — time to refresh the game with new texts. After weeks of sifting through ideas, we’re thrilled to roll out a massive content update. We’re talking nearly a thousand new phrases spanning everything — from diaries to dungeons, sails to duels. Kudos to the authors and ER team!

“Know Your Monster” is Back
If you missed monster picture guessing, rejoice! The new season of “Know Your Monster” is now live in the newspaper and will be around for a few months.

Plus, we’ve upgraded the Picturizer, so it can make sharper and better monster images. It’s still a bit of a server hog, so it’s not open to all, but now you only need 5 IQ points to use it.

New Towns
Say hello to two new towns that have popped up out of nowhere and are ready for our heroes to explore: Paradise City and Madchester. Take a look at the map to discover their perks and locations.

Lastly, a little something for Lab owners. Fed up with your hero selling good boss parts? Good news — from now on heroes won’t sell a part if there’s a vacant slot for it in the Lab.

Comments (44)
Chimdindu Aug 18 2023 06:39

It looks nice and thanks

Coolbp5 4 Aug 25 2023 22:45

Thank you devs!

King Cheese Tenth Aug 28 2023 03:01


Somnogenesis Aug 31 2023 21:20

I hope there’s a special ‘Happy Mondays’ perk if you land in Madchester at the start of the week… 😏

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