Pantheons – Newer and Bigger

Godville, Sep 21 2010

The results of numerous fights and other sport events in the arena should be preserved for the forthcoming generations. Besides, no matter what people might say, there just has to be a leader board of the best fighters. So, here it is – The Pantheon of Gladiatorship – the place where Godville’s best fighters can measure their success. The new pantheon turned out to be a big one, so other pantheons felt jealous and decided to enlarge themselves as well.

The next change is to the ideabox. We wanted to make sure that people get the idea of the game when they get access to ideabox voting. It’s hard to say how long it should be, but it just felt that unlocking it a couple levels later than now will do more good than harm. From now on, the top menu link to the ideabox will be available starting from level 15.

And last but not least, a few of you might know that we have a twitter account. We’re not quite sure how exactly it will be used – maybe we’ll post some micro-updates or share some internal godville-related stuff. If you have any brilliant ideas of how it can helpful to you – let us know.

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Nathan Rahl Sep 22 2010 14:22

oh…. I’m so upset… I’ll deal, but I’m soooo upset. I love voting on the ideas and love seeing how my ideas are being received. I agree with your decission, but gosh darnit, why’d you go getting me hooked and than take it away like that… Now I’ve got to go to ideabox rehab…

Monkey King Sep 22 2010 15:02

Wouldn’t people get an even better idea of how things worked if they could see (but not vote or submit) to the idea box?

Spazinator Sep 22 2010 19:22

I don’t agree Monkey King. By allowing users to view the application of humor as it is in various spots (i.e. items, diary entries, weapons, etc.), it may help to un-encourage idiots from trying to get “your mother’s panties” approved for an item. However, I think once they open the ideabox again they will still run into similar problems. Americans just seems to have a poor sense of humor anymore. Oh for the old days….

Nathan Rahl Sep 22 2010 21:16

I feel that’s a rather unfair generalization Spazinator. Although I do agree that there are way to many “idiots” trying to get such humorless entries approved in the ideabox, it seems to go against the concept behind the ideabox. To lock it off completely from those individuals (regardless of nationality, wink wink, nudge nudge) that have and/or can provide quality content will only delay the inevidable inclusion of the same people that are being warded off by this measure. The real solution here is limiting the number of submissions and only increasing that number as offered content is voted on and approved by the community.

Spazinator Sep 25 2010 03:43

Wonderful idea Nathan! The part where people only get a certain number of submissions and can get more if approved. However that has a high potential of failure too in the fact that someone may actually have a brilliant idea but are out of submissions and can’t send it in. Which would create boredom and probably frustration. This would also limit the humour content to those personalities who seem to always get their ideas approved. Meaning that the humour wouldn’t be varied, or that there is a high likely hood of such. Maybe allowing for a certain number of submissions per level? In addition to more if content is approved.

Mass Sep 25 2010 15:44

I love the idea box, and have been voting and submitting my own ideas since that link appeared. Unfortunately, I’m only level 13, so that link disappeared. I completely understand where the developers are coming from, so I’m not gonna whine and stuff.

I like the suggestion where good ideas are rewarded by allowing more good ideas. I believe the opposite should also be true.

Although, I’m thinking it might be helpful to create a private “idea queue”. This way, any player can submit (almost) as many ideas as they want, but it goes into their private queue, where they can inspect and delete ideas retrospectively. At reasonable intervals a small number of ideas at the front of the queue will be promoted into the voting box, where it will finally undergo public scrutiny. The number of ideas promoted into the voting box is determined by the performance of the player’s past ideas and how busy the voting box is.

This allows players to submit ideas whenever they have inspiration, while keeping the size of the voting box controlled. If the developers are getting too many vote-approved ideas to handle, they can slow down the intake for voting while players refine their private queues to perfection.

Nathan Rahl Sep 28 2010 20:57

While we’ve got some really good ideas rolling out here, I’d like to get another thought out there. I wish the voting was less yes/no and more Yes/Close/Who amputated your funny bone? In other words, graded not just pass fail.

Spazinator Oct 03 2010 19:33

I agree with the modified pass/fail option. I think if the idea gets enough “close” votes then it can be resubmitted into a better voting system. Where people can comment on how to better modify it, and other people can vote on the modifications.

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