Arena Grand Opening

Godville, Aug 26 2010

Hooray! The Godville iPhone app has been updated to version 1.2. It brings a bunch of bugfixes, a nice battery usage optimization if you don’t close the app for long periods of time, and a brand new and totally awesome feature – Arena – a special place where your hero can fight others to glorify your name! Those of you who always wanted to have a little bit more interaction within the game are going to love it.

Once your hero reaches level 10, you will be given an option to send your hero to the Arena. There your champion will be able to have fights with other infidels sent there by their gods. Unlike loosely-controlled and deadly in-travel skirmishes, arena duels always happen by the will of gods, and because they take place in a more or less civilized place, no one will let the heroes die in the process. Furthermore, the heroes who occasionally have fun at the Arena are less likely to get into a deadly fight during their journeys. The winning hero of Arena duel will receive some special bonuses, including a shiny new golden brick, while his god will completely restore his godpower and even get one godpower accumulator charge as a result of such an effective prayer. The number of charges that one can receive for winning at the arena is unlimited. More details on this feature can be found in our updated FAQ.

One more impotant feature that became available today is an ability to buy additional charges for your godpower accumulator using in-app purchases in the iPhone app or PayPal if you play in the browser. We were concerned that some of you may not like this for a variety of reasons, so we want to reassure you that this change will not make any significant difference to the game you know and enjoy. It’s a merely a way to thank us in a more material way and show your support for ongoing game development, while receiving a little treat in exchange. It’s worth noting that additional charges do not give players a total advantage over other players. Almost everything in Godville is decided by the roll of a virtual dice, with an always present chance for a bad outcome. The only thing you can do with more charges is to roll this dice a little bit more often. After all, Godville is the game for relaxation and pleasure, and it’s totally unnecessary to “play it” as an usual game.

Comments (7)
Xorboo Aug 26 2010 21:22

Arena! Thx!

Danqazmlp Aug 27 2010 00:42

Very good update. Should make temple building much easier.

Azz Kita Aug 27 2010 09:08

RAWR! Arrrrreeeeeenaaaaa!!! =)

Koshiku Aug 27 2010 09:22

If the hero finds no opponent – my godpower burns for nothing… It’s disappointing…

Virtu-Ghazi Aug 27 2010 10:58

Koshiku, I guess your hero should get some reward (such as gold or brick) if no one figths him (at least in Russian Godville it goes in this way).

Virtu-Ghazi Aug 27 2010 10:59

Any way, 75% godpower are used to heal your hero, move him to the Godville city and give him additional artifacts.

Jeime Tenro 5 Aug 27 2010 20:17

Long live for donaters admins!

Still that’s a little too expensive… ._.

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