Lisa Ladybird

level 56

ℒᴏᴏᴋ, ᴀ ᴅɪsᴛʀᴀcᴛɪᴏɴ!🃏

Age 1 year 1 month
Personality pure good
Guild Introvert Sanctuary
(grand master)
Monsters Killed about 74 thousand
Death Count 32
Wins / Losses 29 / 27
Temple Completed at 08/26/2017
Wood for Ark 43.5%
Savings 2M, 167k (7.2%)
Pet Dust bunny Sneezy 30th level


Weapon can of WMD-40 +64
Shield massive ego +68
Head cover of darkness +67
Body shining armor of darkness +69
Arms noodly appendages +66
Legs nuclear power pants +67
Talisman gravity multiplier +67


  • intimate tickling level 35
  • brainstorm level 31
  • self-cloning level 31
  • navel clamp level 29
  • seasickness level 27
  • swear-o-matic level 26
  • quantum leap level 26
  • pocket hypnotoad level 26
  • disarming smile level 23
  • winged swing level 19




  • Honored Favorite
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Coach, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 2nd rank
  • Hunter, 2nd rank
  • Raider, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Shipwright, 2nd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Fiend, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

1 Being a benefit bum isn’t much fun. Sat on the sofa, in front of the box all day every day, scratching your butt seems to be the highlight. “Pay day” comes around & the bills are paid, though you notice all you can afford after that, is a can of beans every 2 days until next time money pops into your account.
Life becomes a bit of a blur after a while, if you can call it that. Life. Meaningless and monotonous.
At some point, I was out buying my beans, when I came across one of those New age shops. You know the ones: Full of crystals and dream catchers and pendants and tarot artifacts.
Not like I had anywhere to be, so I slipped inside for a gander at the sparkly things within.
As the little bell above the door tinkled, a waft of blue, sparkly smoke cloud, formed in front of me, giving way to the shop assistant.
“Neat trick!” I exclaimed. “I love blue, sparkly things”.
“I know this” stated the rather robust man.“I know all”.
At that point I knew that this guy was on more than just a diet of Beans.
“Mind if I look around a bit?” I asked
“What you are looking for is not on display.One moment please”
My face screwed itself into a form that only a Shar-Pei could love.
The man walked over to the back of the till counter. At least, I can only assume he walked.Was more like a floaty,glide style movement.
As I watched him, the rest of the shop, seemed to go all hazy, as I lost my peripheral vision concentration.
The bloke popped up right in front of me.I don’t even recall blinking!
“You are full of tricks huh!?”
“No tricks young lass. Just this.” As he handed me a cassette tape.
“Erm…you think this is what I want?” I questioned him.
“I don’t think. I KNOW”
Just as I tilted my head and was about to give a random statement, blue sparkles filled my personal space. I coughed and heaved and…and… woke up! In bed!
“That’s the last time I make Fried bean aldente” I muttered.

2 5 more minutes. Just 5 more minutes please to GOD 5 more minutes of sleep.
As I buried my face into the pillow, I thrust my arms under it and felt something.
This time I sat bolt upright and, actually opened my eyes fully.
Was I still asleep? This isn’t MY bed. To heck, this isn’t even MY room.
I glanced at the pink pillow that was now doing little more, than being an ornament. Pink! YEACH! I lifted it. There, was a cassette tape, with a label saying “PLAY ME”. THAT cassette tape. From the magician style shopkeeper!
I closed my eyes so tight, I thought my eyelashes would invert. As I did, I pulled an overpowered duck face with my mouth.I am certain I ought to be a gurning champion!
1…2…3… Open my eyes.
Dang….where the heck am I!This room was definitely not mine. For one, it had a better carpet and there was a mini-fridge in the corner.
I turned myself over and sat on the edge of the bed. So much darn pink. Maybe that’s why I am delusional. All this pink has made me hallucinate!
I grabbed the cassette tape and tapped it against my chin a few times in wonder.
Hhhmmm ok. If this is a dream, I’m gonna go with it.
On the back of the door was a white dressing gown.I grabbed it and wrapped it’s belt around me as tight as I could.No complimentary slippers though. Must be some cheapo, budget hotel I’m in.
I carefully opened the door and took a peep.
I was on a landing with 5 other doors and some stairs directly ahead of me, leading down.At the end of the landing, I saw some more stairs leading up.
The smell was pretty intense though. HOPS! Dear lord the stench! If there is one thing I can not abide, it’s alcohol!
I descended the stairs.With each step, chatter and laughter and cheers grew louder. Great, just GREAT.I’m in an Inn of some sorts and I will be walking into it all with barefeet and a robe.
I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, in an attempt to have less of a morning head and, still clutching the cassette, I turned the corner of the staircase and found myself overlooking the back of the bar.

3 “Hop to it Irene.We have another one” Bellowed the bloke behind the bar and in front of me.
“I’m on it Neo.Keep ya toupée on.” A female voice cheerfully chirped from somewhere near me.
“Welcome to Godville dearyo.And what’s your name then?” The same voice belonged to a pretty average looking woman, of around her mid 40’s. Her hair was blonde and a little frazzled, but suited her petite frame.
She linked her arm through mine and began to lead me down the last two steps and behind the staircase, into a room.
“I’m Lisa. Lisa LadybirD. I guess you are Irene?”
“Oooo you know me already sweetiepie?” She looked at me quizzingly with a huge and friendly smile that seemed to warm me.
“Nah. That guy at the bar..”
“Ah yes, that’s my life partner Neo.” She beamed. “He’s such a darl’”
“Now, take a seat bunchkin.”
I only just made note of my surroundings.An interrogation room.Yes, I was quite sure. I’d seen them on the telly box! A grey, small, box of a room.With a table & 2 chairs facing each other.
On the table was some sort of notebook with added pen on a string, a tape recorder (the power cord of which, seemed to drag into a far corner where it met a hole), a shallow bowl of dark water, A pint of beer (GREAT!) and a small rucksack.
“What is this?” I hesitated. “what did i do?”
“Don’t panic fuzzlebunch” claimed Irene. “All you newcomers have that same bewilderment in their eyes. Go on, take a seat.”
So I did, with Irene sat opposite me, staring at the cassette in my hand.
“I guess you want this?” I asked her, as I offered her the tape.
“Not me sweetcheeks.You do. Pop it into here.” She pressed a button on the side of the tape recorder and the little tape door popped open.
I looked at the tape in my hand, then at Irene.
“Well? Go on then cupcake” she gestured again doing a little dance with her pointy fingers toward the machine.
I placed the tape under the door of the recorder, with the side stating “PLAY ME” on the upperside, then shut the door.
“THAT’S the way cherub” Irene jumped from her chair, like she’d just been cattle prodded in the rear.
“Now play. Press play. Play it. Plllaaayyyy” she sang as she started doing a little flouncy jig around the table.
I swear this woman was nuts. Where did I dream her up from?
“Press play. Press play” Irene continued, while she span circles around the table and I, making her pleated, knee-length skirt balloon out, as it caught the updraft.
I pressed the play button.
Just like that, Irene was back on her chair, opposite me, with her beaming face nestled on the palms of her hands, as her elbows held up her head.
“Greetings & welcome to Godville Lisa LadybirD” came the voice on the tape.
That was a little shock, but hey, it’s my dream, of course I know my own name.Right?
I had obviously pulled another of my fabulous faces as Irene said “Shush pumpkin, listen.”
I rolled my eyes and did as I was told.
“Good, now you are listening to me properly,”the voice continued (I looked around the small room at this point, but continued to listen) “We noticed that your life seemed a little too samey,” came the voice.“so we wanted to liven it up a bit for you.You accepted & now here you are.”
“Accepted what!?” I stood up and stared at the player.
“Sit down ducky.” Irene Instructed, while reaching over and tugging at one of my arms.
“But, what the heck!?”
“Sit yourself down & listen.” Irene smiled at me with that warmness of hers.
I sat.
“Thank you Irene.” The voice on the tape said.
I raised my eyebrows, but kept my gob shut, while Irene remained smiling.
“We want to offer you more than beans on bread Lisa.We want to offer you gold and treasures and tribbles.We want to offer you a chance of a meaningful and fulfilling existence. Are you up to the challenge?”
The tape’s play button popped up & the tape stopped.

4 “Treasure? Gold? No more beans!???Where do I sign?”
Irene took my hands in a way that I thought she was going to read my palms.
She started drawing shapes on my left hand with one of her fingers & muttered something.
As she closed her eyes and took ahold of both my hands, she uttered “Many foes lay along your path. Choose your milestones carefully & your friends more so. For only you can achieve what you set out to achieve.”
Oh, so she WAS reading my palm.
“Okay. Erm, thanks?” I looked at Irene & her eyes were wide open again and beaming at me.
“So snufflefuzz, what’ll it be? To quest or not to quest?THAT is the questionable question.”
“I just have 1 question Irene.”
“Only one?” She asked
“Well, yeah. Is this a dream or a nightmare?”
I’d hardly got the word nightmare out of my mouth, when Irene pinched the skin on the back of one of my hands and twisted it.
“OOOWWWW. What the heck was THAT for!?” I exclaimed, instantly removing my hands from her reach and rubbing the now red mark she had inflicted upon me.
“Does it feel like you are asleep sweetness?I apologize but it’s what tends to work here.I hope it didn’t hurt too much, but I needed to give you proof.” She looked at me with her eyebrows raised into a sad-puppy stance.
“I guess,” I began, “that this IS real. Real & weird.”
“And so you need to make a choice young missy.Go back to your dingy life of canned beans and the sofa, OR " She stood and held out her hands to me “join us and be praised and never need to see a bean or a bill again?”
I sat down where I stood, on the stone floor. I looked at that floor in all it’s coldness and shook my head, as it reminded me of my flat.
“Okay” I started. “Just a couple more questions please.” I was of course aiming for Irene’s ears, but I refused to take my eyes off of that floor.
I heard Irene moving one of the chairs, then saw that she’d bought it closer to me, as she sat down.I glanced at her wrinkly stockinged legs “Fire away angelheart”
I looked up at her at this point.I didn’t want to seem rude.As i crossed my legs, I pointed over to the tape recorder. “Who was that?”
“the one doing the recording?”
“Yes, him.”
“That’s our Koda.He does all the recordings around here”
“You mean there are more?” I gasped
“Of course there are silly pea” Irene chuckled. “We have plenty of people from all over that are stuck in their ruts of life.So we offer to help them out a little”
“But why?”I asked as i furrowed my brow
“Why not bumpkin?”
“Fair point.” I looked back at the floor
“You won’t be alone, ever hun.” She stated “Plenty of friends to make and our towns will always welcome you as a heroine. For that is what you will be child.A heroine for us all.” Irene stood, as I watched her move the chair back to it’s place at the table and take a seat. I felt obliged to re-join her.
“Beans or glory Lisa?Beans or glory?” she asked, as her well shaped eyebrows hinted me to answer. Darn it, I want shapely eyebrows like that!
“And this isn’t a dream for sure?” I looked at her.
“I don’t think you want me to prove that one again, do you chipmunk?”
“No. Okay” I hesitated.I thought for a few moments about what I would be leaving behind.A few moments is all it took.No family,no one that I could call a FRIEND. But there was Pete, my potted plant.I’d taken care of him since he was a lil seedling.
As for the flat itself, the council will be glad to take back that shell I am sure.
Heck, this place has decent beds.Though negotiations will have to be sought for the pink bed linens.
“Fine, glory it is.What do I need to do?”
“Oh EXCELLENT.I am so happy to hear you say that dewdrop.Now I can explain all this”
Irene waved her arm over the table’s apparel, like an assistant showing a prize on a gameshow.
“I’m all ears.” I told her
“No hunny, you only have two at the moment, don’t scare me like that.”

5 “Oooo kay.”
“First of all my lil cherry dib-dab, take ahold of your new diary.”She motioned to the notebook and pen.
I picked it up and it felt it’s warmth within my hands.Like one of those pocket hand warmers, I used to use as a kid, when I went out on my morning paper rounds. I held it a little way from me to look at it, then up at Irene, who’d positioned her upper body on the table, almost like a Sphinx.
“Warm isn’t it cinnabun?”
I didn’t even answer.As i was looking at the notebook’s cover, it was changing colour to a wonderful royal blue colour.In silver writing atop the bottom right corner, in a gorgeous, glitzy, silver,embossed typeface, the words;
Lisa LadybirD’s diary
“Pretty colouring doodle bug.” Said Irene.
I’d gotten so absorbed by this book’s trick that I’d completely forgotten where I was.
“It’s my fave colour Irene. It’s, it’s my fave”
“And that’s why it is.Now, take the pen in your hand and see how it feels petal.”
I lifted my new diary to see a black biro, hanging underneath, swinging on a string.I took it in my right hand, placed my diary on the table and opened to the 1st page.
Crisp white pages of at least 100GSM.Amazing quality.
“Go on then pumpernickle, give it a go”
As the pen touched that 1st page, more trickery.

10:25 I am failing to understand what forces are at work here.Help!Anybody?Somebody?

I swear, I hadn’t even written on the page.The pen had only TOUCHED it when this perfect, Arial font trailed across the page to form MY THOUGHTS.
I dropped the pen, which would have fallen to the floor if it hadn’t of been for that string.
“It’s ok frou-frou.You have no need to write anything physically.The diary and pen work together to place your thoughts onto the page.Good huh?”Irene calmly stated.
“GOOD!?” I exclaimed “GOOD!?This is some freaky stuff Irene!”I was still staring at the now closed diary.
“You’ll get used to it cookie dough.For now, pop it into here.”She handed me the small rucksack.As I took, I half expected it to metamorphosis in my hand.It didn’t.
I quickly put the book with the added stringed pen into the main compartment of the bag, before placing it on the floor, against my chair.
“That’s a special bag of course, just for you Honey cake”
I looked back down at the slumped bag on the floor.
“It’s thankfully looking pretty normal to me.” I stated.
“As you go on your way, you will no doubt start collecting little trinkets.Artifacts if you will, that you’ll want to take”
“So I have a bag to put them in. Got it.”
“Not just that Jelly bean.”Irene continued, “As you progress on your journey and grow, so will the capacity of your holdall. Bit by bit”
I looked back at the bag.Still looked like a plain old rucksack to me.
“If you say so.”
Irene smiled at me.
“Now.Here.”Irene slid the pint of beer toward me.
“Nah.You’re alright.Thanks though.”I slid it back to her.
“I insist kitten.”As she slid the pint back to me.
“I am really not a drinker of alcoholic beverages Irene.I don’t like them.”I stated.Pulling a face of disgust at that liquid filled glass.
“Shall I tell you WHY you ought to drink cheesy puff?” Asked Irene.Again with those eyebrows.
“So I become drunk and sign away my life or something?”I questioned
“This is all you can drink here my lamb”
“Yeach.Just gimmie some water maybe.”
“Absolutely NOT!”Irene bellowed as she stood and slammed her hands down on the table.
I pulled myself back in my chair in shock and looked at her with wide eyes.Irene sat back down and brushed a stray frazzled hair behind her ear.
“I’m sorry muffin.But this is what i need to explain.Drinking anything but this will get you killed.”
“What the heck!?” I was still sat back in my chair, wide-eyed.
“Allow me to explain Pookie.”She started.“You are in Godville now.There is contamination in our water supply.”Irene reached over to my arm once again and pulled my back toward the table.Gently.A sympathetic gesture almost.
I shuffled forward in my chair as I listened with an almost sideward glance.
“Drinking anything but bar drinks, can and will cause mutations.So much so,Peachy Pie,that you will be unrecognizable in looks and voice.”
There goes my face again…
“Some people can’t resist the urge and now roam around the out skirts of our hamlets and towns being right monsters.This is where you and others like you come in pussy cat.”Irene took my hand now in both of hers. “We need you to help us get rid of these beings.”Irene removed 1 hand and made a slitting throat motion.
I stood quickly, nearly losing my gown belt, in the process.I grabbed it and bowed it tightly around my waist again.
“I’m not killing anything!” I said sternly at her.
“If you don’t Schmoops, they WILL kill you and us.We need you.” There go those sad puppy eyes again.
“I have never killed anything in my life.NO!” I shook my head as a fly zipped past my nose and onto my arm.
“Well now you silly goose,for someone that doesn’t kill” Irene stared at my arm “You did a fine job of ending Lily’s life.”
“Lily?”I asked ,also looking at my arm, where I’d already flicked off the deceased fly.
“Well, I don’t know it’s real name.Could be called fred for all I know.But the principle is the same.You CAN and DO kill Lisa.It’s in you.”
I stroked over that bit of my arm.
“I guess you’re right.Kinda.”
“You told me earlier, that you were all ears.Well, drinking water may well make you just a mass of ears.And once you evolve into whatever you may become…”
“Yes…?”I urged her.
“Then a brave soul will take you down, before you can harm yourself or anyone else missy.”
“Why would I do that?”I asked
“It’s what the monsters do.They aren’t anything of who they were before.They don’t know what they are doing Pip.They only have slaughter in mind.”Irene wiped a stray tear away from her cheek.
That was my turn to take her hand now.“I understand.I think.”I gently nodded.
“So what you are saying is, that not only do i have to get used to drinking beer, but also killing is now my new hobby?”I bowed my head,staring at the table in a little disbelief.
“Look what you went and made me do.Went and smudged my blusher.”She tutted with a small smile.
“Ah well, these things happen toots.” She broadened her smile a little more.“Yes you got the gist.Now please, drink.”Irene chinked the glass with one of her nails.
“A must is a must I guess and I AM a little parched.”I took the cool glass in my hand, took a deep breath in and held it, while I took in a mouthful of that horrid liquid.
“That’s AMAZING!” I exclaimed
“I know honey press.” Irene beamed. “Go on, finish it off.”
This was not beer.Sure, it LOOKED like beer.Heck, it even smelt like beer.But this was NOT beer.This was Mountain Dew©.Oh sweet nectar.My most favourite drink in the whole wide world.SO much better than bean juice.
I hadn’t even realised i drank the whole thing.
“That one is on the house.If you want more beer.You need currency winky dink.Cold, hard gold.But not too much now.Still has the same effect as your version of beer.You can still get a lil woo woo.”
“Noted.Oh yeah sure.Gold.I have some down the back of the sofa”I giggled.
“Look twinkle, whenever you kill a beasty, they will no longer need whatever they may be carrying.That may be gold or an item.That’s why you have your rucksack.”She motioned with her head to the bag, still slumped by my feet.
“Gold…really!?”I asked
“That is the currency we use here tiger.You sell the items you find to our traders, who in turn will pay you in gold coins.Then you may buy as much beer as you wish and a room for the night, to rest.”
“I see.Ok.Now the rooms.Can I…”I started.
“Don’t worry sweet potato.Your room is your room.The one you came out of earlier and is already being decorated in a wonderfully blue and silver way.Just for you.You always have your own room here.This will be your home town.”Irene beamed even more.That wide smile would put any happy clown to shame.
“Neat.”It was my turn to beam.“So what’s this then?”I tapped the bowl of dark water.
This is the last piece to your current puzzle smudgkins.This will tell you which deity will be watching over you."

6 “I know about God, Irene.”I stated as I rolled my eyes.
“You can probably also tell me baby kins, that each religion has a different God or Gods or even goddesses.”
“mmmhhmm.Yup yup.”I nodded
“Well the good thing is then, that you are open minded and one step ahead.”Irene nodded back.
“ok, ok.I’m listening.”I crossed my arms on the table in front of me and stared at that shallow, golden bowl.Something about it was a little unnerving and yet at the same time, felt homely.
“Alright then dimples this is what’s going to happen.Here in Godville, there is a one on one God or goddess ratio to each of us down here.Each time one of us mutates into one of those,” Irene kinda flicked her head in a way like she was indicating somewhere.Let’s say she meant “out there” somewhere.
“their deity is lost and needs to reclaim one of us again, to keep the balance.There are many above us, watching down, but the right match has to be made and this is what will be done now.”
I didn’t dare say a thing.I was still staring into the dark liquid.There was that iridescent hue upon it.Like when you see petroleum with it’s rainbow effect.
“What you will do Lisa, is dip in a pinky finger just for a second and then we will see who has been assigned to watch over you as your deity protector.The one who you will worship, learn to respect and who you will write to in your diary.”
“My diary?”I then looked up at her.
“Yes.Even a deity sleeps huggalump.If you write regularly in your diary,your almighty will be able to help you a little further and sometimes even give you great rewards.”Irene smiled.
I gasped.“I’m going to see a God!?”
“You will never see your watcher, though you may sense them or even hear them from time to time kiddo.”
“That’s awesome!”I declared.I started pulling all my fingers to make the joints click and wiggled them all a little to limber them up.You’d think i was preparing for the digit olympics.
“Off you go then you little monkey.Pop your pinky into the pot.”Irene produced a tissue and held it out ready for me.
“Eeny meeny miny mo.”I chanted in my head."Left or right pinky,which shall go?
The little rhyme ended on my right finger, so I dipped in my left pinky.
No feeling at all.Was just like air.I looked up at Irene.
“Out it comes then pickle pie.”Irene gestured with the tissue.
I removed my finger and that iridescence remained upon my finger like a goop.
Irene began humming.Wasn’t anything I recognised, but hey it was catchy.I joined in as I wiped my finger, staring back at the bowl.
The dark water was still rippling a little, but the oddest thing was happening in that bowl….spaghetti letter started rising to the top.
“What the…”I started
“just wait sparkles.”Irene giggled.
I was still watching these letters rise.An A, a T, a C..
“CAT!?” I pronounced.“I knew we were servants of cats, I just KNEW IT!”
“Wait Lisa, wait.” Irene was still giggling.
Ah yes, more letters.An S, an R, an N, I, M,E all emerged from that dark water.
“Miscreant?”I asked. “That’s not exactly encouraging.Can I try again please?”I looked up at Irene with a pleading look.
“Keep watching twinkle.”Irene indicated toward the bowl.
As I looked back at that golden bowl, the liquid was clearing and the letters were changing colour.They certainly didn’t look like spaghetti letters any longer.The liquid now really did look like water.The letters stopped moving but formed a perfect line across the middle of the bowl, spelling out Carmentis.
“Carmentis?”I looked at Irene.
“Maybe make a little note in your diary to your new goddess rum-rum.”
Without even really thinking about it, I’d already gotten out my book and touched the pen to the paper.

11:19 Seems I’ve acquired my own personal Goddess. Hi there Carmentis. Do you hear me?

Almost immediately I felt a huge warmth spreading over me.Irene was holding her hands in front of her smiling at me.
“You feel her don’t you?”She asked
She gave me such a feeling of confidence.Such an overwhelming understanding all over me.I looked down at my diary.
My pen was in my hand, but certainly not touching the page.Yet, a blue writing was present.I read it allowed.

11:19 Suddenly, I was overcome with a warm, squishy feeling. Was that you, Most Righteous One? Or did I sit in something?

I momentarily lifted my bum off the chair and checked.
“She has accepted you as her Heroine schnoockems.”
I sat back down.“I am SO ready for this.”I stood up and headed for the door.
“Hold those horses there girly.”Laughed Irene.
“Rucksack.”She pointed at the slumped bag I had left open on the floor.I’d managed to remember my diary at least.I went back to my chair and scooped up the bag, placing my book inside.“Check.” I nodded at Irene.
“Just one last thing before you head out to your milestones.”Irene stepped over to me.“Just wait here a tick.”
Irene walked over to the door and opened it slightly.
“Neo.”She called “Neo my darlin’, we are ready”
I sat back down.
Irene opened the door a little more as she stepped aside and Neo walked in.
“YOU!?” I stood up pointing at the man that i could finally see properly.
“Oui, it’s me.”Chuckled Neo
“Well, I needed to get the tape to you somehow.”Stated Neo
This is the guy…THAT guy.The floaty shopkeeper dude!
“I can understand why.”I acknowledged him.
“That will be the clarity and understanding your goddess bestowed upon you fluffs.”Chirped up Irene.I’d forgotten about her for a moment.“It won’t last long so we need to get you out the door and started.”
“I need your dressing gown now Lisa.You must be fresh and innocent when you begin your journey here.”Neo held out his left hand to the side as he turned his back and held out his right hand, holding a golden brick.
“Your 1st step is not from here.You’ll need to acknowledge your Almighty One before you set forth.”
I handed him my robe and hoisted the rucksack over my shoulders.
Irene took ahold of my shoulders as she stood in front of me.“Now precious,you will take that brick from my darlin’.You need to gather these.The more you get the more it will show that you respect your Carmentis and she in turn will protect you.You are welcome here anytime.This will be your home.But of course there are other towns on your travels, but it’s our wanted board and travellers here, that will ask for jobs to be done, to give you rewards.”
I nodded.I got this.I rubbed my arm and shivered a little.
“Neo she’s losing it.”Irene looked over at him with a worry face.
“Touch the brick.”Neo was still facing away from me but waved the brick in little circles.
“Sure, ok.” I took a step forward as Irene let go of my shoulders.
“Do I put it in my…”I didn’t finish the sentence.Instead, I was compelled to take out my diary and wrote

12:03 What happened? where am I? Is this a temple? How did I get here?

7 I looked around the silvery & golden room in awe.
There was a man in a black, suit, with a white square at the front of his collar, talking to a similar woman in what seems to be more of a long-sleeved dress, with the same square under her chin.
Another in a white robe, with a cream long scarf thing around his shoulders, which almost touches the floor, with a purple stripe running right down the center of his body and a teeny little round bowl atop his balding head, (Maybe he’s self-conscious of his thinning hair) is holding another man’s hand’s in a prayer stance. He, has a white robe, dress thing on, with huge white sleeves, like he wants to to go soaring through the skies with his arms, yet he is wearing a plastic looking squashed box on his head, held around his chin, with a white bit of string.
I was tapped on the shoulder.A woman stood close to me wearing cream robes. 2 scarves were around her neck, 1 coming forward and another going backward, then a wooden cross hung from her neck.
“Oooooohhhh now I get it”.I smiled at her.
“Hi my name’s…”I began but she interrupted me.
“My child, your name is not important here. This is a temple of priests. We are here to help young heroes like yourself, send up prayers to their deities.”
“Ok, so just close my eyes and say some words right?” I looked up at her.
She was slightly taller than me, yet still, I felt so small and insignificant in comparison to her.
“You say words that you feel within you. You can kneel, you can sit or you can stand. That’s up to you. But we recommend that when you are ready to pray to your deity, you are well rested and you come up close to this alter here.”
She offered me her hand, which seemed to sparkle a little as I took it and she led me over to the centre of this great room.
The alter came just about to my diaphragm in height.
Was a silvery marble, solid…well, alter.
A small golden cloth was draped over it’s top, off centre and to the right but across it’s entire surface were golden trinkets. Bits of paper, jars, batteries, timers….hundreds of…bits of….junk. But golden.
“What’s with all that?” I waved my pointy finger over the alter.
“These are special artifacts. If your deity has been overly busy, you will be rewarded with one of these as a thank you. After your prayers, look up and if one is glowing blue, you may take it on your journey.”
“But look, it’s just junk!” I tried so hard to remove a piece of paper off of the alter.
The lady just stood there with a small smile on her face. Hands clasped in front of her.
The paper bent and furled in my hands and yet it did not leave the alter.
“What’s with this thing!?”
“Sacred objects can not be moved from this room, unless your deity has granted it.”
“Us priests here will do all we can, to give your prayers extra leverage. The more you are able to pray, the greater the chance that your deity will be able to aid you on your journey. Shall we?” She indicated to a couple of purple satin-like cushions on the silvery, marbled floor, as i knelt down, I noticed tiny flecks of gold within the silvery veins.
I looked at the priestess and smiled. “I’m going to build my Goddess a golden temple, just for her to show how much she means to me.”
“A wonderful sentiment miss.” She replied as she bowed her head. “Let us pray”.


(…to be continued…)
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