On recent server access problems

Godville, Nov 17 2010

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been experiencing some problems with server access, starting early yesterday morning. This post is intended to shed some light on the situation, explain what happened and what was done to address the issue. Yesterday, our servers were not accessible due to the DDOS attack on our DNS provider, which led to errors accessing the site from both web and mobile clients. Once we discovered the problem, we switched to another DNS provider, and during that process some of you may have experienced difficulties with GodWiki access as well as with data update latency on the iPhone. As of now, all of the problems we know about have been resolved and everything should work as usual. However, if you’re still experiencing some difficulties, please let us know in the comments. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Hammrsgl Nov 17 2010 11:31

Thankyou for the update have emailed and submitted bug report but still have the update latency that resulted in a lost fight, 3200 coin loss and numerous charges due to lack of updates. Appreciate any assistance. Problem still occurring 9:20pm Australian time 17/11/2010

Hammrsgl Nov 25 2010 05:15

Is this also the reason I can’t purchase charges on the 25/11/10 Australian EDT time? They are just sitting as Not Activated and cannot activate them?

Zcloudznightz Nov 25 2010 05:38

When I buy chargers, I can’t seem to use it it say it’s not activated, I buy those chargers throug apple store.

Chinky75 Dec 25 2010 05:40

Using iphone4 fully up to date software and since the new update my page won’t refresh so can’t play. When I reported the problem through the game menu and hit send and nothing happened. Tried a few more times still nothing so exited the app. Went to the app store to go to report bug and the same thing. When I reopened the game suddenly about 10 boxes in a row appeared saying my report had been sent…..

Ellipses Jan 08 2011 06:18

I understand your pain. I was lucky hammer. I was in the arena when it was being fixed I think. I was unable to play after the first action round but it came back on just as the match was almost over. I was able to recover and win. You just got caught in the crosshairs

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