Game Rules

The rules below are in addition to the Terms of Service of Godville. You should familiarize yourself with the General Terms of Service to understand what is allowed, especially in the case of an account that has been banned.

  1. Netiquette

    In Godville, civility is a must and rudeness towards our fellow gods will not be tolerated. We expect all community members to treat each other with respect. The following actions are prohibited:

    1. Use of offensive, insulting or inappropriate language in god names, hero names, mottos, personal pages, forums posts and all places visible to other players.
    2. Participation in abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; threatening persons with actions in real life.
    3. Posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons.
    4. Displaying private messages in public without consent of both concerned parties.
    5. Creating a second account (god/hero) when the first one has been banned or penalized for violation of these rules.
    6. Usage of automation tools (including auto-logins or scripts and bots influencing the hero without explicit action from the player).
  2. Recommendations

    1. Try to use the search or to look around for a couple days, prior to creating a new forum topic or writing a new post with a question.
    2. Refrain from using forums for private talks with a particular person. Forum posts are public and other participants might not be happy to read your private chats.
    3. Prior to writing a post to a multi-paged topic, please read at least a couple of the last pages. It's very likely that what you are about to write is already there.
    4. If you believe that a player wrote something inappropriate, please flag it as such using the 'report inappropriate' menu option on the personal page (for names, motto and chronicles) or on the forum (for posts). Or send us an email ( if you find something really outrageous. Do not by any means respond to or quote the offender.
    5. Creation of alternate/secondary game accounts is not encouraged and may lead to ban/restriction for the alternate and main accounts (depends on the exact usage; "gaming the system", "unfair advantage" and "too much for one person" are the main reasons, but not the only ones).
  3. Punishments

    We will punish any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, "I'll know it when I see it". And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.

    1. Depending on the severity of a case, violators may be punished in one of the following ways:
      • decrease of the daily forum posting limit
      • temporary or permanent account block
      • restricting access to some of the functions of the site
      • other punishments, based on the seriousness of the violation
    2. Inappropriate behavior, offense towards others or trolling on forums will almost certainly result in a severe and permanent limit on the offender's ability to post anywhere throughout Godville.
    3. Bans or punishments are not to be discussed in public (e.g. Forums). Banned players may write an Appeal via email (, but they are not guaranteed to receive answers (If your account has been banned there probably was a good reason). In most cases the ban reason is displayed when the banned player tries to login.
    4. There is no preferential treatment for users that have bought accumulator charges regarding the game rules - either in the time needed to deal with the case or in the punishment.
    5. God name, hero name, motto and chronicles can be changed without notifying the player if we consider them offensive. Note that a violator can lose access to the account if there is no email associated with the hero.

The rules above might sound a bit harsh, but it's nothing more than our commitment to creating a pleasant place on the web. We're doing our best to create a nice place to hang out and have fun and we believe that these values are common among all of the Godville deities.