Gen-X 4

level 108

I am…comfortably numb.

Age 6 years 8 months
Personality righteous
Guild Ohtari
Monsters Killed about 514 thousand
Death Count 113
Wins / Losses 100 / 48
Temple Completed at 08/29/2012
Ark Completed at 07/24/2015 (263.0%)
Pairs Gathered at 01/17/2018
Savings 18M, 623k (62.1%)
Pet Thesaurus rex Dino 25th level
Boss Censorcerer with 81 of power


Weapon stratospear +122
Shield security question +122
Head third eye monocle +122
Body not-to-scale mail +122
Arms warm embracelets +122
Legs sneakers of suspicion +122
Talisman unicorn hunting license +123


  • shiny heels level 123
  • deafening snore level 121
  • clinical strike level 114
  • brain dilution level 109
  • teeth gnashing level 103
  • lucky hoof level 103
  • instant hairloss level 99
  • heel grip level 85
  • somersault squatting level 84
  • spontaneous combustion level 82




  • Honored Animalist
  • Honored Favorite
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Invincible, 1st rank
  • Saint, 1st rank
  • Savior, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Hunter, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Moneybag, 2nd rank
  • Careerist, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

to travel is to have an unstable life.but the possibility of rewards are great!
after 11months of fighting, dying, drinking and crying….i have finally completed my God’s temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe I was FINALLY done so…..the first thing i did to celebrate was….
go on another quest and get killed!!

I suppose I shall continue this journey of life and make my lovely pet level 30. Shouldn’t be too hard. It’s already level 25.No problem…..

and now….why my god hates me:
i had a pet. for 6months i fed him, groomed him, and brought him back to life when he needed it….
but at lvl 29 he died again.
instead of saving my money,
i went out drinking and bought useless things….and worst….
i ignored my god.
my pet left me for good.
betraying my god and my pet is the worst thing ive ever done.
i was a “pure good” hero.
now i am my god’s punching bag.
it hurts!!!!
i hope someday he forgives me….
but probably not until i find&train another pet….
to level 30.
until then….i walk a lonely path….
to the dark-side.

I am a tortured soul…..but at least I have another pet. Hopefully I’ll take care of this one…..

i wrote this in my diary:
01:16 AM I didn’t manage to heal up my pet’s wound in time. Well, Sven, your regenerating abilities will help you to recover, but I think level-ups and pantheons are not for you anymore. On the other hand,
who needs those silly things anyway?

…..i think im in trouble.
03:02 PM Judging by Sven’s face I think he’s tired of me. I guess it’s time to finally set him free. Farewell, Sven! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!
…………big trouble.

my god has been silent….i am sure i will soon be punished severely for losing yet another high level pet. i DID manage to find another pet but…its a very STUPID “multi-legged luggage”. this might be the worst pet ive ever had. i live in fear each day knowing my lord is gathering his strength to wipe me off the face of this world. the silence!! please lord!!!! the silence is worse than the punishments!!!!

today April 2013 it began. after finishing my 909th quest i returned to Godville.
then i was thrown,burned,zapped,fried,boiled,
and popped in my eye.
i was disciplined over 200 times!!
all within 5 minutes!!
i was wrong…the waiting WAS better than the actual punishment.
i am now: “Pure Evil!” (yes, with the exclamation mark!!)
pure evil!

i have never been “Pure Evil!” before…im so scared!! what if i never return to normal!?!
i think my god will abandon me now. leave me to rot in silence.
my life is miserable.

but at least i made #1 in my pantheon….for now. wow my god REALLY DOES hate me!! (copy&pasted as is)—- Position God Hero Motto Level Personality
1 Sparkoflife 庙 Gen-X My god HATES me!!!!! 63 pure evil!


04:23 AM Gleep ran into a phone booth. He spun around quickly, and exited to find himself bigger, stronger and leveled up.

I think my Lord will begin to help me to become a better person.
I really try my best. Now that my multi-luggage is lvl 30…I think my god can see how hard I’ve been working.
(Even though I waited until I had ONE min. left before I healed Gleep at lvl 29.)

PLEASE forgive me!!!!
PLEASE give me the ‘Spark of Life’
instead of the ‘Spark of Pain’!!!

I am finally ‘Righteous’. Its not ‘Pure Good’ yet but I’ll take it.Temple built.Gleep lvl 31.Things seem to finally be looking up!! (although…..it WAS kinda fun smiting monsters with one hit.)

Temple – built. Pet – over lvl 30. Personality – positive. Ark – being built. Savings – being saved. Things are going well for me except……….my god HATES when i die. Especially after getting so much gold. How do i know this? Well, lately when i die, my god just…..LEAVES ME THERE!!! Sometimes for HOURS!!!! It is sooooooo gross!!! Before he used to resurrect me and punish me a LOT. But now he just ignores me. I mean is it MY fault these monsters are BIG and mean?? Is it MY fault I dont run away and heal??……….oh…..maybe i should do that more often. Ill think about it while these mushrooms start growing on my decaying legs.

June 2015,
Suddenly heard a loud thunderous noise in the sky above.

Almost like the applause of a bunch of people but more……godlike.
Heard a chant get louder and louder……


Afraid I was about to get seriously punished……i ran to the nearest cave to hide.

DON’T JUDGE ME!! When YOUR God’s name is

you fear ANY lightning from above.
And there WAS lightning. A LOT!! Everywhere!!

But none touched the ground……instead paper began to fall from the sky. All over the land!!!!
I crawled out of my cave and picked up a piece.

It said,


……does this mean
our gods have leaders?!?!?!
I haven’t slept since.

JULY 24, 2015:
I did it!!!!

I did it!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!

10:28 AM There’s a new log of gopher wood standing upright in the middle of the temple which will be very useful for the ark. I hope it’s not a load-bearing strut.

10:28 AM A log! A thousandth log! I’m even ready for a flood now. Not that I’m asking for it, Great One.



It is FINALLY time to retire my trusty pet……
Since he has been with me so long……
AND is the first pet to enter my shiny new ark……
I have decided to rename him.
He will no longer be "Gleep"…………

“10:33 AM Divine enlightenment politely made it clear that I was calling my pet by the wrong name all this time. I’ll be calling him Genesis from now on!”


“11:00 AM Put the pet into the ark. Sit here Genesis while I run some errands.”

THAT should make him happy. He can relax now.


I think it’s time to find a friend for Genisis:

10:56 PM I was just about to defeat the Battlesheep when he pulled out a beer and offered it to me. Hey, I could use a good drinking buddy. Slapped a collar on him and named him Stitch. He looks like he’s regretting his choice now.

……great pet!!!! Might change the name though.

  • Yes…… Ⅰ decided to change the name:

01:14 AM Divine enlightenment politely made it clear that I was calling my pet by the wrong name all this time. I’ll be calling him Rambo from now on!

…………Well, what kind of name was “Stitch” anyway? He isnt small OR blue.

He is a Battlesheep!! So yes…………"Rambo" is better.
He “rams” right???

November 2015:

In July 2015 I finished my 1st ark.

Things are going well enough but……… I still feel like I haven’t accomplished what my god has asked me to do.

I remember when I was severely punished for abandoning my pet.

I still have the scars and nightmares!!!!!!

But I have never been BLESSED. I didn’t think it was possible to be BLESSED. I thought being ‘righteous’ was the best I could hope for.

But I found this magic hammer. When I touched it………it glowed and I felt more………um………

‘righteous’?? Does that make sense??

I have found hammers before………but this time it made me think………

I have accomplished a lot…I have definitely been punished all the way to “Pure evil!!”
………but does it go the other way?

My magnificent lord………is it possible to be………

“Pure good??”

Or are YOU already ‘pure good’ and simply asking to be as good as you ……
is the highest form of blasphemy?!?!?!

…………oh no. What have I done?!?!



………what have I done.


My Life Has Changed!!!!

I felt something in my soul………

and then I was healed………

30 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!

I am NOW: (copy&pasted)

pure good!

I feel so close to my loving god!!!

I feel like I can almost reach out and touch him!!!!!

BUT………I dont need to. I am satisfied where I am.



So I am still sparkling from that blast of energy from my fantastic god………

and I entered a town………decided to look at the pantheon lists.

There is no special reason………I dont usually have anything to talk about………

BUT TODAY………I saw this:

1 Sparkoflife 庙畜舟 pure good!


So wonderful!!!!!!!!

I wish I could stay there all the time………
floating among the clouds.

But I have a feeling………this wont last long.

What a great day anyway!!!!

- 2015 Nov 10


- 2016 Feb 22

at 7months and 2 days it happened.
2nd pet to reach lvl 30.

02:36 Suddenly, Rambo began to spin in a circle at really high speed. When it finally stopped, I noticed that my pet had leveled up and was also wearing a super-battlesheep costume.


2016 Feb 26
18:38 I was just about to defeat the Vengeful Mole when he pulled out a beer and offered it to me. Hey, I could use a good drinking buddy. Slapped a collar on him and named him Tige. He looks like he’s regretting his choice now.

2016 October 15………
8 MONTHS?!?!

Well…………seems I need to work faster next time.

First this happened…………

20:23 Soaring up into the air in a beam of colorful light, Tige started to look bigger and stronger. Hmm, there isn’t any reason to fear for my life, is there?

BUT after EIGHT months…………

I realised “Tige” was a stupid name.
(I realised it all by myself!!!)

22:34 Divine enlightenment politely made it clear that I was calling my pet by the wrong name all this time. I’ll be calling him Rocky from now on!

“Rocky” MUCH better name for a mole.
Especially an “Unbeatable” mole.

A vengeful mole.

A vengeful mole who almost died MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!!

BUT at last made it to level 30.
Time for retirement!!!

And…………to achieve my “Honored Animalist” badge!!!

I wonder what my next pet will be??


What a waste.
Out of ALLLL the pets……
i found one that is COMPLETELY useless:

22:21 After such a glorious battle with the Dreaded Gazebo I could not bring myself to deliver the finishing blow. Instead, he will be my new companion. Come along, Tigger, let’s go questing!

It’s no good in dungeons AND
i cant even ride it?!?!

ive gotta get rid if it ASAP!!!!

2016 November 21
4:55 AM (because waiting 5mins would be weird)

04:55 I’m like level 100 now! I’m like way more mature now! You can’t tell me what to do anymore, Luminous One.