level 35

Hail to godvill!!!

Age 9 years 9 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 25 thousand
Death Count 34
Wins / Losses 11 / 11
Bricks for Temple 29.8%
Pet Rocky raccoon Toto


Weapon chainsaw of dismemberment +36
Shield AT-field +37
Head facehugger +45
Body emperor's new clothes +42
Arms dimensionless gloves +43
Legs Christmas stockings +40
Talisman hall pass +39


  • intimate tickling level 17
  • heel grip level 16
  • palm of the panda level 12
  • thumb beating level 11
  • peek-a-boo level 10
  • rail-bending level 7
  • radioportation level 6


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.


  • Honored Renegade
  • Favorite, 2nd rank
  • Builder, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

About two days ago, my hero gotten a fight with some door-to-door missionaries. Well turns out she’s a nomad On a quest, so the fight is pointless. What am I going to do with her.

And now, to get her to be not so spiteful and listen to all the instructions I give up or at least most of them. That would be nice. I mean, she’s doing a lot better, but she’s already died twice. At least she hasn’t gotten into any more battles with some door-to-door missionaries.

And I forgot to add, she got over 2000 points in experience. Experience and what? I have no idea. But at least she’s making progress. She got it by activating an artifact. I have since forgotten what it was, but whatever it was a did her good.

And now today being the sixth day of my heroes life, I wonder if she’s ever going to learn anything new. Here is the latest from her diary.

10:13: Fell over. Got up. Hope no one saw that.

One would hope that she was just praying to the most awesome God in the world. Or maybe that would be goddess? We will see if she will have any more adventures and learning experiences.

I know this being the eighth day of my heroes life, She opened up a wonder box and discovered that she had died one times fewer than she thought. And she also now has the option to join a guild. Which one will she join? I guess we are going to find out soon.

It now being the ninth day of my heroes life, she is in the league of adjudicators. She cannot speak yet, but when she levels up I am sure she will have plenty to say. Or Maybe this goddess will.

Today this being her 12th day of living, she has killed exactly 1234 monsters and lost her first dual. She is growing in experience and I am proud of her. What will she do in the next few days, I guess we will all find out.

Today beeing the 13th day of her life, she an d another hero helped defeed a boss monster.. Here are the notes from the fight.

The heroes brought together by their common destiny have defeated the Leeching Squandering Pickpocketing Vertigoat! SarahAlawami added 11504 gold coins, a thingamajig and an inflatable paperweight to her bag.

She is making progress. Look back in the next few days for more from the hero.

and now it beeing on or about the 15th day of her life, she continues to have mental spars, causing her to gain better mental abilities and do the usual hero stuff. Does she have a daughter, or do I have another hero I don’t know about? Is there a story behind this diary entry?

Hi, ma’am, this is Leweth. I’m writing in SarahAlawami’s diary to let you know that I don’t believe in you. Is this Leweth person another hero, another monster, a phygment of my own creationk ur, mind power? Only time will tell. And now to get back to keeping an eye on this silly rascol.