level 21

You Bloody Muppet!!!

Age 5 months 8 days
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 6 thousand
Death Count 3
Wins / Losses 4 / 3
Bricks for Temple 11.0%
Pet Talking donkey Chip 2nd level


Weapon gatekeeper's halberd +23
Shield strong sunblock +24
Head horns of plenty +25
Body necromancer's graveclothes +25
Arms runic bracers +20
Legs bottom armor +29
Talisman zirconium bracelet +28


  • acid tears level 14
  • falcon punch level 8
  • intimate tickling level 1


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.


  • Renegade, 2nd rank
  • Builder, 3rd rank
  • Favorite, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

As a young lad, he was troublesome. Between the theft and daily guard visits his pa decided to toss him out sick of the shame he brought the once-great family.
“I, however, stayed for he is my child and thus will be raised to unite the world under one god. But first, he has to get his life together”
It had been 3 summers since then when he finally managed to get far enough away from home where no one knew who he was. Back then people were more peaceful and trusting of well dressed young men meaning jobs were easy to come by and people didn’t ask many questions.
By jobs, I mean Jauffrey, as the people called him, became a runner he would run from town to town bringing messages to the wealthy and the odd. Transporting everything from money and diplomatic threats to bloody packages he rather not open.
But as all good things must end so did this when the wrong diplomate took the classic “Don’t shoot the messenger” greeting the wrong way especially considering it was a declaration of war.
But he was shot in the dark and there was nothing he could do…it was then that I saw my chance lying there dying he prayed for anyone saying “any kind of deal would work I just wanna live to drink another day”.
To be continued…