Bernard Dana

level 5

Age 2 years 11 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 4 dozen
Death Count 0
Wins / Losses 0 / 0
Bricks for Temple 0.0%


Weapon pointy stick -10
Shield none
Head none
Body birthday suit -10
Arms misspelled tattoo -10
Legs none
Talisman none


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.

Hero's Chronicles

I-MAGI_NATION. Is what the matrix and this nation, called America, named after a cartographer, has become. Eye Magi Nation. Hollywood waving its wand of holly (not holy) and the masses looking on with the magi holding his wand. There are multitudes of manifestations of matrices and this is the truth. What an individual feeds himself, drapes himself in, watches on the television, learns in his studies, people he has language exchanges with, sexual relations with, the dreams he dreams, the drugs he takes, the videogames he plays, the spaces he lives in and breathes in, becomes his personalized matrix. he lives in a web, fed on by more advanced energy beings, who keep him agitated, sad, ambivalent, euphoric or creative depending on what tests he is being subjected to, depending on his understanding and connectivity to whom and what agenda. he is given certain roles once he comes to this understanding. he might become an engineer and 3d print buildings and think that’s special. he might become a lover of many women whose lives he controls or liberates, he might be a matrix speller who reveals things slowly to all sorts of people, connecting them to this web and that web, he might practice the occult and study alienology and pretend it’s just occulus, he might hack the news, make a video of his life, a parody of the Truman show, he might fall into some wandering spirit realm with signage and strange beings singing songs to him, he might be used as a radiohead to control his matrix, he might pretend nothing happened and take money from reality thieves to play act dumb and date, he might be put in an advanced dining and feeding for the rich cell to mirror a death feed cell, he might be hell celled or murdered. there are so many manifestations of one individual within an individual. if the mother or father comes from a high language truth spell connected to top intelligence technologies, this is very different than someone who is an employee of a fast food take out counter in the mid west. a souls manifestation on the material plane means something, regardless of reality thieves, identity thieves, it means something. language means something. every sensory perception is a form of language and decoding. just utilizing one, is limiting. there are means of analyzing realities from each sensory perception lens and the more advanced he gets at this, the more advanced the matrices and spellers designing or speaking or psychically projecting, become. once this is understood, everything starts talking. if you are a truth seeker, you spell the truth, tell truth, vibrate the truth and try and understand as many angles as possible.