Elias Grahamsson

level 43

Danbo, Galea and Ebony!

Age 7 months 28 days
Personality pure good
Guild Unity Tower
(grand master)
Monsters Killed about 41 thousand
Death Count 25
Wins / Losses 0 / 0
Bricks for Temple 87.5%
Pet Bipolar bear Behemoth 13th level


Weapon vorpal sword +50
Shield pop up blocker +51
Head carnival mask +52
Body snail mail +56
Arms Icarus wings +53
Legs moleskin jodhpurs +52
Talisman fake ID +51


  • oak cloaking level 16
  • strike of the rabbit level 16
  • powerful sneeze level 16
  • swoop of the smith level 16
  • rail-bending level 15
  • golden vein level 14
  • liana-eyebrows level 13
  • drunken rampage level 13
  • exhaust of the dragon level 7
  • fake smile level 2




  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Animalist, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

I’ve found myself in a strange place, and I don’t think it’s anywhere on Denara. Where’s Danbo? Where’s Galea? Why isn’t my Amary working? Will I ever fully understand this thing called money? And what exactly is a Goddess? I suppose I’ll just have to make the best of the situation until I can get home.
I have some friends now, so things aren’t that bad, but I miss my home, and I particularly miss Galea and Danbo. Will I ever see my alaya and my acolyte again? I wonder if the High Council will be able to find me and retrieve me. I hope so. I hope they do it soon; this place appears to be making me crazy and stupid, judging by some of my journal entries.
My guild is a little piece of home, but when will I return to the real Unity Tower?
How am I able to speak the language? How do I know what everything is. Am I becoming too integrated? Will I eventually forget my old life? I must not!
I think I am becoming too integrated. Where are you Galea and Danbo?!
It’s nice to have an animal companion again, but Behemoth is no Danbo.