Arena 2.0

Godville, Jun 05 2014

Greetings, Godville gods!

It’s time to shake up one of the oldest part of the game – the Arena. A refresh of the arena duel experience was long overdue and finally the time has come to make it more interesting… in the unique Godville Random way.

The fundamental idea of an arena duel remains the same – a god sends his champion to fight some other hero. The winner gets a golden brick, accumulator charge, all of the opponent’s gold and a win record for the pantheon/achievement. However, there are important changes:

  1. Each fight can have slightly different rules – a fight can be twice as fast, or have an extra reward for the winner (or even the loser), or each turn will restore some godpower, or there will be a certain limit on the total number of accumulator charges that can be used, etc. Pay attention to the introductory messages at the beginning to know what kind of extra rule this fight has.
  2. To make pairing easier the level of the opponents won’t matter in new arena duels. From now on a match between level 15 hero and level 45 hero is possible and quite normal, as both opponents will be made equal. Nobody has advantage due to a level, hp, equipment, strike power, etc.
  3. After teleporting to the arena the hero will wait for the opponent for 10 minutes. If he doesn’t find an opponent a godpower refund or a golden brick is guaranteed.
  4. In addition to the old “attack/heal/pray” duel voices now there is a new one – “defend”. This will order the hero to take a defensive stance, which will decrease all upcoming damage during the turn, and should add a refreshing twist to dueling tactics. Btw, this command will work in boss fights too.
  5. There will be a new pantheon for arena duels, which will be more tolerant of duel loses and will only rank heroes who’ve been active in the arena within the last few weeks. The new pantheon will appear when there have been enough fights held under the new rules.
  6. Finally, heroes have became more civilized and won’t fight each other outside of the designated area. So your champion will no longer get into a duel while you’re asleep or something. Bye-bye skirmishes!

There have been many internal changes, so some bumps here and there are quite possible over the next few days. Any feedback on the new arena duels is highly appreciated.

UPD: There are some matching restrictions worth mentioning: a new player won’t get matched against a seasoned player; a hero with a temple can only match against another hero with a temple. Oh, and special artifacts teleporting to the arena are no longer require godpower. Oh, and now we have special arena teleporting artifacts that don’t require godpower!

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Jungglumanda Jun 06 2014 14:50

Numbers three and four sound really awesome! I was unsure about number two at first, but then when I read the extra notes down the bottom, my uncertainty was completely put at ease. I’m super looking forward to going to the arena and seeing how all this new stuff plays out! :D

Calamity Jane Jun 07 2014 03:53


Balrok 4 Jun 07 2014 04:14

I like the no skirmish part, but why is my hero going out with 1hp? Possibly dead now…

Brinjal 6 Jun 07 2014 11:04

Just had the best arena fight of my life! What made it so special? The fun I had writing those voice commands, and I would never have matched without the new arena rules.

LiquidSun Jun 08 2014 08:18

Love it ! :)

Bellegere 4 Jun 08 2014 10:50

The 10-minute rule is the one I am happiest about! No more 17-minute waiting time. Huzzah!

The skirmishes don’t worry me much anymore as I always try to send my hero to the arena every 3 days or so.

All in all,great update! :)

Schizophrenic Jun 08 2014 11:37

I had a failed punish, then 2 successful and right after then another failed one. Aren’t the next 4 commands after a failed one supposed to succeed?

Leeb Jun 08 2014 13:27

Good riddance on skirmishes. PvP ought to be optional.

Omnipotent Squash Jun 08 2014 17:34

Schizophrenic No. That is a myth based on the fact that since backfires are rare, multiple in close succession is rarer.

God of nations Jun 08 2014 19:43

The backfire arena hardly ever backfires

Silveraine Jun 08 2014 22:42

nice update!

SpiralAbyss 4 Jun 10 2014 02:03

Yay, no more skirmishes!

BobbyTron025 Jun 12 2014 00:08

No more skirmishes! I can finally sleep in peace :)

Schizophrenic Jun 15 2014 15:41

I didn’t get one thing – there’s no advantages based on level and equipment(stupid, if you ask me) but what about personality? Do I get, say, higher attack because I’m evil, etc. ?

Nemesid 6 Jul 07 2014 13:14

Will there be a chance to get a log for templed heroes, as in Russian Godville?

Newes 4 Aug 21 2014 14:11

Isn’t this a totally bad idea? You can lose to an afk? Use your two and watch yourself lose? 2 influence is not possible in this scenario. Either remove no gv duel option or keep 4 influence. They can’t be together.

Clarence Smith Oct 12 2014 18:58

I’m not stupid enough to risk my valuables.

Use Oct 23 2014 03:29

Wow this is real?

Peacemaker121 Nov 11 2014 20:28

Nice and better rulesthan before

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