On pets and friends

Peon, Nov 06 2010

It is time to shed more light on your hero’s friendships. Friends have been joining the heroes occasionally, and now that they are close they may be stopping by more frequently. Specifically, whenever the gods of two befriended heroes watch over their champions, they increase the chances for those heroes to meet somewhere in the wilds of Godville. Friends can lend a hand during a perilous fight, provide companionship on sick-leave in a city, share a drink together, or just sit and chitchat near a campfire. Either way, the presence of a friend is usually helpful, and, starting today, there’s going to be more of it. See FAQ for more info on friends and invites.

Another piece of good news is the creation of the Taming pantheon. The most active and high-level animals as well as their owners will take their hard-earned places there. The oracle has foretold great things for pets upon reaching level 30, but oracles are notoriously difficult to understand and it will be a while before anybody figures out what will happen. It is very likely that pets will die several times in the process, but a grieving hero may offer prayers in a city (with a solid amount of gold) to have some chance of reviving their beloved companion.

And finally, iPhone app for Godville 2.2.1 is out. It addresses some stability problems and some issues in the ideabox. Hope you’ll like it.

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