Enlarge your accumulator

Peon, Oct 20 2010

Today’s game update comes with several nifty features. The new version of iPhone app now has cozy visual turn separation in duels, that has been available for a while in the browser. Meanwhile, browser-powered gods can now take advantage of highlighting in the diary (you know that you can control the hero from a browser too, don’t you?). For further convenience, your influences during the duels will also be highlighted. These small touches to the user interface are going to make playing the game a bit better.

And probably the most exciting news – starting now, everyone can accumulate up to three charges from godpower (instead of one charge like it was before). This should make controlling your hero easier and more reliable. To make it even better, everyone who has been watching over their heroes recently is awarded with three additional charges for the accumulator. Give your champion some fun!

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