We Need To Go Deeper

Godville, Jan 11 2022

Hello, dear deities. Let’s talk about Godville’s dungeons. They are gloomy and roomy, but kinda flat. What could possibly add more depth to them?

Please welcome the Basement – the new low of dungeons.

From now on, spelunking heroes could stumble upon stairs ◿. Sometimes it’s clearly visible on the map, sometimes it could be hidden near the entrance. The heroes won’t go down by themselves – they have to be commanded to do so by an experienced deity with a Lab boss.

That’s because the basement is harder than the main floor. Treasure hints are ambiguous, mazes could amaze. Bosses are tougher too – they all are higher-ranked, so the treasury is guarded by a 4-ability colossus.

So, why would one dare to go there, you may ask? First of all, the basement’s treasury has a bit more riches for grabs. Secondly, every conscious hero will also get a nice coupon for free stuff there – similar to those in Godville Times, but bolder. Finally, new treasure bosses could be stripped of precious 4 lvl parts to breed even more powerful bosses in the Lab.

And if you don’t need all of that, just stay on the main floor. Еverything there stays the same, including a treasury and its gopher wood.

Make sure to update your Godville mobile app (Android, iOS) for new stuff to work correctly. One more thing – a dungeon with no trait from now on is called a Dungeon of Normalcy, so don’t worry when you see one.

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Suzy G 4 Jan 13 2022 09:13

Woo hoo sounds great

The Omniscient Being 4 Jan 13 2022 13:45

Awesome, thank you Devs!!

Joseph Cerulli Jan 15 2022 20:06


Turrin Toorinbarr Jan 17 2022 17:47

Cool thanks for all the hard work you you guys are doing!!

Castrist 4 Jan 22 2022 01:49

Go meta,?
Like seriously this should have been done like.. 8 years ago? After Minecraft?

Spirit of Tzahal Jan 28 2022 11:59

Woohoo! New adventures await in the basement! Thank you, devs!

Jolly tom howard Feb 09 2022 22:26


Virgin Islands Mar 01 2022 11:20


Ghost Moth Apr 13 2022 20:36


Mother Theresa Saint May 08 2022 15:40

Encourage mature cash, not richest binge.

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