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Godville, Aug 27 2021

Divine Signs
The life of an ordinary hero is quite determined: you can expect him to do certain things in a certain order. It’s nice but will be better with a bit of variety.

Please welcome the new divine power: signs! Occasionally a hero may wonder: “Should I spend gold this time?” or “Should I search for a shortcut?” or “Should I improvise in a prayer?”. You can spot these thoughts in the diary by @ symbol and bless him by sending a sign (or just ignore, to let things go as usual).

Make sure you are using the latest Godville app (Android, iOS). If you want to stay on top of heroic requests, you can turn on the new push notification option for Signs in the app’s settings.

New Achievements
Last achievements were added quite a while ago, so it’s about time for refreshments:

  • Careerist achievement got the highest Honored rank – hundreds of 1st rank Careerists with 800+ days in the guild under their belts are about to attain this one.
  • Coach and Miner achievements now also have Honored rank, though requirements for the top-tier are quite demanding. Their progress will update after the next spar and datamine respectively.
  • Finally, a brand new achievement for side jobs is almost ready, but it lacks the last thing – a proper title. If you have an idea of a single catchy word that perfectly describes a serial side job-er, make sure to suggest it in the comments. UPD: Thanks for all the suggestions! Freelancer it is then. Heroes will get it after the next successful side job.

Picturize 2.0
Did you know that you can turn any game phrase into a picture just with a couple taps? Well, now you surely know. And today’s app update makes this feature more awesome: now you can change fonts and add decors. Here is how it may look like:

Last note: September is coming, and so is the mushroom season. Yummy!

Comments (65)
Apathanos 6 Aug 27 2021 20:28

Side job achievement name: Taskmaster

Lucifersgoldenhalo 4 Aug 27 2021 20:59

The side job achievement could be called “Hustler” or “Side Hustler” if you can use two words.

Gigabytemon Aug 27 2021 21:13

How about “Jobsalot”?

Wonthrie 4 Aug 27 2021 21:42

I like the term freelancer. Maybe ‘Gig Worker’.

TheGourdGod 6 Aug 27 2021 21:56

My top pick from those suggested is definitely “freelancer”. Fits with the game and (z)rpg roots. “Hustler” is a solid second though.

Torenia Aug 27 2021 22:04

Thanks for the update! I really like the Divine Signs system.

Jomiva Aug 27 2021 23:57

I like Moonlighter best, but I’m okay with Freelancer or Hustler too.

Stickyorder 4 Aug 28 2021 00:28


I like a lot of the suggestions already made.

Thanks for another fun update!

Hudson The Horrid Aug 28 2021 00:51

Side job: Procrastinator, because you’re obviously not spending time on your main goal / job.

Skyangelblue Aug 28 2021 01:10

Side job achievement – Moonlighting or Moonlighter,.


Syrocco 4 Aug 28 2021 01:52

Side job-er: Gofer? Dogsbody? xD

Divine Feline Aug 28 2021 02:03

Side job achievement: Detourist. Detour (off the main quest) + tourist.

Zenzeon Aug 28 2021 04:09

Signing the sign symbol docs…

Ach – Complementor (complementing the main jobs with side ones)

Nyctos Katharine Aug 28 2021 04:51

Woah, interesting feature. Thanks!

Cosh 4 Aug 28 2021 07:35

Nice update!

I really like the “detourist” name for side job achievements that was suggested before!

Albrithr 4 Aug 28 2021 07:52

Yay, new Picturize features!
As for the new achievement, I like Dabbler.

Dymphnation Aug 28 2021 11:26

How about “Moonlighter”?

Dymphnation Aug 28 2021 11:29

Or “Oddjob”, or “Oddjobber”? “Bob-a-Jobber” prob meaningless outside the UK

Sinical1 Aug 28 2021 12:28

Side Hustler

God of Game Aug 28 2021 17:10


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