Bold Move

Godville, Feb 19 2019

A hero is not a real hero without his equipment. A regular sequence of fitting, polishing and upgrading is what every champion does since birth. But here in Godville equipment wasn’t that much useful… up until today.

From now on, these pieces of gear can become bold, giving the owner a temporary buff. Each type of equipment has a different effect:

  • bold weapon deals more damage to monsters;
  • bold shield gives better protection;
  • bold head gets more experience;
  • bold body speeds up health recovery;
  • bold arms give advantage in trade;
  • bold legs make travel faster;
  • bold talisman can save a hero from imminent death.

Bonus gain may not be astonishing, but hey, it’s free. Since it’s ZPG here, you don’t have to worry on how to get these bold items – just give your hero a couple days and eventually he’ll find it. Here is how he may get it:

  1. get a new buffed item from a trader (or as a reward);
  2. buff an existing item by defeating a “Smith” monster;
  3. buff an existing item at an interesting point on the map.

Multiple items can have buffs at the same time, which opens a lot of interesting combinations. Buffs won’t give any advantage on arena or dungeons, so no need to worry about (im)balance. Also, buffs are temporary and they will expire after about a day.

If you’re playing on a phone (Android, iOS or Windows Phone) make sure to update Godville app to the latest version available in the store to see equipment buffs.

A bit of economy news: a roadside trader was finally caught by the local authorities. It turned out that he was ruining the lives of our poor heroes in their moments of their total weakness by depriving them of their loot for cheap. After long negotiations the roadside trader finally agreed to start paying double for the loot and not buy boss parts for the lab.

Last, but certainly not least: a well-known, yet humble god Hairplug4men recently outplayed the game by collecting all of the top-level achievements. First time ever in Godville history. Quite an accomplishment we must say.

Comments (42)
Brinjal 4 Feb 19 2019 14:28

Thanks for the update! This looks like a nice bonus to a previously useless feature.

And BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Hairplug4men on his monumental achievement(s)!

Spirit of Tzahal Feb 19 2019 15:07

Neat update. Thank you, devs!

And congratulations, Hairplug4men! The God of Godville, I guess we can say.
(Also the one man who brought adults to actually use the word Hairplug ubironically)

NebulousOne 4 Feb 19 2019 15:24

Thanks for improving the equipment! Although only temporary I am hoping to see a difference in road fighting. Perhaps hero health does not quickly fade away? Congrats to Hairplug4men obtaining an almost impossible accomplishments.

Saturio 5 Feb 19 2019 16:25

Roadside traders get caught WOOHOO

Too bad that I do not need coins and parts already.

Oh Great Guy 4 Feb 19 2019 16:47

Wow!! Excellent upgrade!! I love it!! Thanks !!

AgWolf 4 Feb 19 2019 17:05

Already got a bold weapon. Thanks for the update!

Olem Feb 19 2019 18:35

Awesome addition! And CONGRATS, @Hairplug4men!!!! Incredible!

Jimbob64 5 Feb 19 2019 19:00

Congrats again, HP! You win Godville!
Thank you, Wiki wizards and content creators.
And thank you Godville devs, for keeping this thing up and running, and evolving all the while.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 Feb 19 2019 20:04

Another stroke of genius from Godville!
A huge congrats to HP4M!

Bust It Baby 4 Feb 19 2019 21:13

Another stellar update, thank you mods! And congrats to Hairplug4men!!

Mister Censor Feb 20 2019 03:17

wow that is a feat… for a zpg thats amazing.

The Whacky God Feb 20 2019 04:49

Yet another amazing update. Also congrats to Hairplug 4 Men!

Augnoramous 4 Feb 20 2019 07:00

Yay, and congrats to hp4m!

Kaldur Feb 20 2019 15:08

Yoooo that’s crazy gj bro

Raindropstop Feb 20 2019 15:35

Congratulations on your a cheap mint, HP! Time for an omer the top party! What kind of condom mints would you like to have on the bbq buffet?

Goddess iliana Feb 22 2019 06:23

Awesome idea!

Whosyourdaddy Gamer Feb 24 2019 09:23

Congratulations Hairplug4men, you deserve every bit of recognition for all of your achievements. You have been the most helpful member of the Godville community of players. I am forever grateful for the advice and guidance you have given me that help me to persevere especially the time when even game devs won’t lift a finger to help or even explain certain game issues.

Elantien Mar 13 2019 20:45
Hairplug4men ,good job .
Bob the Wonder Llama Mar 17 2019 23:36

Hairplug4men. Awesome! Congratulations.

Xeadriel Apr 10 2019 07:50

So they even make Money out of this i Wonder

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