Christmas Special

Godville, Dec 21 2018

Winter holidays are at the doorstep. Godville is ready to welcome them with regular Christmas Special. Please take a sit while we walk through it.

The most peculiar thing is winter snowflake ❄ – a god can spot it in the hero’s inventory. There are few ways to get them: a hero can knock one out of a monster or fish out from an ice-hole… Snowflakes are actually useful. First of all, you can use them as a bingo wildcard in Godville Times. Secondly, if a hero get a bunch of them, he could make a snowman and get some presents after heroically beating it. Finally, these snowflakes can be sold to traders for a good price.

Next are traditional seasonal presents – Christmas gifts. There should be plenty of them in the fields. Besides of the regular goodies, during this season they could yield a log of gopher wood, replenish godpower or give a nice chunk of experience. Of course, these artifacts can be activated for free. By the way, there is a quick way to get a gift – each bingo extraction will give one right away!

And of course there are special Christmas critters. This time we have a whole bunch of Christmas reindeers – hunt them for the snowflakes! More conventional Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses (tameable with some luck) are grazing in the snow-covered fields too.

Finally, let’s not forget the festive tent-town of Laplandville, known for its great holiday discounts and other bonuses. Very soon it will conveniently appear next door to Godville.

This Christmas Special will last until January 2. Happy holidays!

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Vemego 4 Dec 30 2018 08:13

happy new year congratulations, happiness, joy wish ❄

Jessicae Jan 02 2019 01:02

Happy New Year!!!

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