Hector the endowed

level 44

Blink if you want me 丯

Age 2 years 5 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 44 thousand
Death Count 36
Wins / Losses 35 / 3
Bricks for Temple 88.6%
Pet Lightsaber-toothed tiger Pilot 12th level


Weapon sonic boomerang +54
Shield web of lies +51
Head carnival mask +52
Body liquid crystal breastplate +54
Arms thrown down gauntlets +51
Legs quicksandals +52
Talisman ocarina of time +53


  • clinical strike level 23
  • falcon punch level 23
  • swear-o-matic level 19
  • mosquito roar level 16
  • thumb blowing level 16
  • swoop of the smith level 16
  • sword-swallowing level 14
  • effect of the groundhog level 10
  • epitaph writing level 9
  • dragon pout level 6




  • Honored Renegade
  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Dueler, 2nd rank
  • Animalist, 3rd rank
  • Careerist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Invincible, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

4th September 2017
09:11 I think I get it now. I have the great honor of being chosen for an inscrutable purpose by a supreme being. Thank you, my Lord. I will not let you down!


I have tried so hard to see if there is anyone looking after me.
Other heros tell me if I am blasphemous there will be a sign.
So far nothing. Not a peep, Not a lighting bolt to be seen for miles.
Maybe he is just testing me. Everyone I meet has a God. Maybe mine is still learning.

Found a bunch of godly beings in trouble. A Hydra was was about to devourer them. maybe my god was one of the group. Off to go save them.

Hector the endowed – 24th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “Spoon!”, stands at the 36th position in the pantheon of duelers under the vigilant supervision of the god Thi Saxon. We’ve had many reports that a Thunder Gnat has been afraid to make eye contact with him since their last encounter.