Nick zen

level 52

I'm not swear, I drunk!

Age 10 years 1 month
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 66 thousand
Death Count 64
Wins / Losses 23 / 31
Bricks for Temple 82.6%
Pet Solar bear Sooba


Weapon tropical punch +61
Shield metal deflector +60
Head wind turban +60
Body armor of the True Chosen One +61
Arms slay-tex gloves +60
Legs boots of righteous indignation +63
Talisman bat signal +60


  • seasickness level 27
  • cry of horror level 26
  • gnashing of teeth level 24
  • eye scream level 23
  • mosquito roar level 23
  • radiokinesis level 21
  • unbearable boredom level 20
  • homesickness level 17
  • drunken rampage level 16
  • fake smile level 8


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.


  • Honored Renegade
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Animalist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Favorite, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Birth of a Hero

So there he was, born in a tavern. Wait, scratch that. He wasn’t born he was, as i carefully say, made. There was no mom, no dad, he just started to exist. Well, he kind of faded in. Not faded, but materialized. Noo it was more that he appeared. Definitely appeared!

Enough of this. I am jabbering on. As we have already discovered, he was made in a tavern,a very distinct tavern at that! Luckily, the only tavern that didnt serve beer (only because their beer tasted of rotten salmon, no one knew why.) But it didn’t matter one bit, since the sheer smell of the devils nectar reeled him in sooner than Ralph Waldo Emerson could say “Temperance.”

Beer and its Grasp

As i have already described, Nick is no stranger to alcohol. It is binded to him like a rope. The fateful day when the surplus of positive activity U-turned will be described.

As nick walked in to a ugly, smelly, run down tavern, after a long day of fighting monsters (explained in next part) the bartender saw him sit down with a great heave and sigh. The Bartender assumably chuckled and thought “I’m going to ruin this man’s life.” the bartender hands Nick a cold one. Nick then said “what is this?” The bartender said. “This will make all your troubles go away. All the heros drink it, they do exactly what you do”

The poor bartenders funeral was 3 days later.

Nick now goes along with a small stumble in his step whilde slurring his motto, “blue feather forever!” Making it sound more like, “foo mether moreler!” It even makes the monsters even laugh at him! He now is a regular alcoholic and now doesnt even mind. I cant count on my fingers how many times I’ve had to bail him out of a bad situation due to his drunken stupor.


Ahh, monsters. Where shall i begin. I sure can’t start from the beginning because he has killed so many i don’t remember. I guess all i can say is, he kills them, they kill him, they have fair trade.


Nick’s first pet “nibbler” was the only good pet he’s ever had. Every other mutt Nick has had the displeasure to own reeks of sewage and raw eggs. Do they have any use? Of course not. The flea-ridden vermints follow Nick around for the food and the food only.


Nick struck gold. Blue Feather, then led by ancient god Featherguy, was an infant. Recruited next to other legends like Devwoman18 and Justday, Nick didn’t know the fortune presented in front of him. Our protagonist was accepted in, and immediately found partners to drink with and pass out on the guild couch. hey, at least its better than the cold floor. As I abandoned him, nick grew cold and left his friends. Now he’s outside of the wall trying to get in.

Story of Nick Zen: Day One

Nick’s vision fades in. what is this? Nick’s subconscious ponders. Nick, Frozen solid due to sheer anxiety of reality. yes, that’s right. My hero was a coward at his conception. Go figure. Nick takes his first steps. As his senses become noticed by the full grown newborn, Nick smells and extraordinary stench. “is this what Earth smells like? This is going to Suck Yet Nick doesn’t know yet that the outside world has a stench not possessed through senses. As Nick walks through the structure- which he later learns is a tavern named “the Drunken Mule” which, in hinesight, isn’t a great place to start a legacy in- he notices some shady figures, all staanding by the bar. Because they are the closest people, and because nick is Stupid! he walked over to them. Closer and closer he got, reeking more and more of an awful scent, which he later learns is rotten salmon.