level 88

Só aquell qui es diu!

Age 2 years 11 months
Personality spiteful
Guild The Forsakens Lament
Monsters Killed about 228 thousand
Death Count 79
Wins / Losses 31 / 31
Temple Completed at 10/01/2018
Ark Completed at 02/01/2020 (154.4%)
Twos of Every Kind 614m, 612f (61.2%)
Savings 8M, 252k (27.5%)
Pet Battlesheep Brigitte 15th level


Weapon blade of infinite dullness +99
Shield combo breaker +101
Head solar ice cap +97
Body antibodies +99
Arms neighborhood watch +97
Legs boom boxers +100
Talisman 'shoulder angel and devil' set +98


  • swear-o-matic level 74
  • fanned fingers level 70
  • scissorhands level 64
  • rickrolling level 62
  • lossy compression level 58
  • strong brow level 57
  • Cheshire smile level 56
  • shiny heels level 53
  • menacing glance level 53
  • epitaph writing level 48




  • Honored Favorite
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Hunter, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Raider, 2nd rank
  • Savior, 2nd rank
  • Careerist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Coach, 3rd rank
  • Moneybag, 3rd rank
  • Seadog, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Worry not, my former tomes will live in our hearts, also in my godwiki page.

It was in the early days of February, which would be 3555 g.e. in our time, that the four critters were formally forced into a harbour borough in the outskirts of Godville where the main road was a lane that melted with a ruined castle at the top. The four were brought separately from their moorings in the Western region by exalted troupes of fanatics whom raptured them without force. Finding themselves together in a seaside pub was revealing enough that this kidnapping was perpetrated by a former acquittance, as they were trying to figure out which they walked right through the door wearing a white and black robe which resembled a magpie’s colours, atop a previously known face wore only a ponytail in their head. “Aran, is that you?” ventured Beans approaching slowly, all the while the other three were reaching in a most subtle way for a shiv, may the need arise.

- I am indeed, no need to bring out any weapons friends. I apologise for the way you have been transported here but there was little alternative as we were setting up this whole thing. -

- You have changed plenty. What have you been up to this months mate? I heard some things about preaching and charity, what’s all that about? -

- Well, after we parted I devoted myself to set the score straight with my former lord, I seem to have locked myself into the herald position in the process. But my journey is most uneventful, what have you been up to this time? I understand you blent unreasonably well in the scene of Quirkytown dear. -

- Could say so. Anyway I believe we should see to provide a lunch before we settle into conversation. Food was scarce in the way here, and I must admit stale bread and jerky make for a meager meal. -

- But of course! We shall have lunch immediately, though not here, too crowded. My ship will be a much better choice. It is docked in this very same port, I will lead the way my dears. -

The group walked a short way through the piers to find the Sekhmet kept between the last pier and the crude lighthouse. Food and wine were piled up all around as they were a breadcrumb trail into the ship. A gargantuan galley sporting a tar black belly and a blue body, the rows a bright red as the interior of the ship was. As the critters climbed aboard they walked amidst the benches towards the cabin, that was a finely decorated marquee. The wood structure was ornate with floral motives that spiraled around the ebony and a bright red tapestry topped it offering shadow all through the day. It held a desk with a hanging bar above for birds, there was also a table nailed to the deck and eight chairs that were nailed as well, a folk who looked quite like Aran was setting table while a copy of them (robe and all) stood before the bunch as an eery maitre.

The three identical folks were indeed a concern for the guests, who were promised an explanation after dinner and swiftly shushed with a glass of wine. The whole afternoon would be spent feasting as wave after wave of worshippers flooded the Sekhmet. Davo and stretches went around playing fencing on the sails, to the amusement of onlookers, who cheered and bet. Horseshoe and Beans went around enjoying themselves in the dance that broke out in the deck, as the sun set the ball devolved into plain limb swaggering at the erratic rhythm of barrel stomping and the occasional pipe flute stuttering around. The moon claimed the sky and Aran walked into the swarm of believers to retrieve their beloved mates and sit them nicely at the table. Over glasses of wine and a large bowl of fruit lavishly stuffed they discussed the proper concerns that were set aside all day.

- I do believe you all must be wondering why I have gathered you all in our newfound ark, and while you should I understand that you don’t exactly know who am I. Worry not for I shall reveal the purpose behind my actions. You shall know me as Some Atheist, patron of atheists, deity of paper cuts, itches and petty theft. -

- Why do you all three look so much akin? It is unsettling to us, we knew this face only as that of our friend Aran, who I assume is currently tied to you. – questioned Davo

- Indeed, you two wear the same robe. Why is this bloke dressed in regular questing gear? -

- Well, the ‘bloke’ is my champion Danuit. As you may guess a robe and a ponytail are hardly fit for adventure of any kind. Obviously I modelled both him and Aran in my own likeness, sort of a branding technique, the robe is meant to be quite visible as well. I apologize for any confusion that could have developed from my narcissistic drive. -

- It is confusing, anyway why have you brought us here? I understand Aran would want to meet us once again but you barely know us. We are not anything but a bunch of misfits who have little to do with divine business, neither magpies nor paper cuts. Why are we in this ship? -

- Indeed you have no reason to be here, and would it be on my hands I would have not wasted time nor effort in summoning you in my ship. But alas, Aran was utterly concerned with your well being which, allegedly, has been recently compromised. -

- How so? Other than your followers we have had no other threat in this five months. – argued Beans

- I would like to know as well, Aran is the one who deals with the issues down here, care to elaborate dear? -

- My pleasure. You see friends, our former gang accumulated quite a lot of aggrieved folks. Each on their own would hardly be a threat to us but since they banded together our demise has become quite likely. The dancer had been bought by The Forsakens Lament, Elev and Mard interrogated for a long while in their dungeons. As far as I know they have not betrayed us, yet the guild has started sweeping the whole Mainstream and Kraktor for us. This last month i have been fending them off with distractions and some evidence burying. Still they know you’re in the northwest area, I had no other choice but to bring you here. -

- I understand, but still I can hardly figure out how being all together in a ship having a chat will be safer, not that I loathe the wine and company though. -

- Fair enough, indeed I have yet to reveal the last step of my plan. I must turn you into apostoles of our cult. Being part of our organization grants you defense against our stalkers, they shall not harm or bother a priest of any sort, thus keeping you all safe for the rest of your days. Here, take each a golden magpie which shall be your holy object. -

- I feel like this will be burdensome, will it not? Our hard earned havens taken away from us, for we are raptured to light candles and clean altars. -

- Not in the slightest dear, you see you don’t have to become a priest but rather just foster the worship of Atheist, you shall only find a holy space and hire a couple priests and that’s it. Your life will not change in the slightest. -

One by one each took a golden token into their hands. Beans was the first, as she took the bird in both hands, she pledged to offer her photography gallery as a place of worship and to paint magpies all around the city of Quirkytown. Then stretches, while weighing the icon, promised to sell the chronicles alongside her gateweigian novels. Davo, caressing the still bird, swore to erect a shrine in his village called Kraktorville. And horseshoe, grasping the magpie, offered herself to write some evangelizing pasaages in between her steamy romances. The four took berth in the Sekhmet and after a long and pleasant sleep parted ways again hoping to see each other soon. As for the other three, they took to strengthen and spread the cult of Atheist. The magpie cult.