Forretrio 4

level 105

The angel of darkness >_<

Age 4 years 2 months
Personality kind
Guild Blue Feather
Monsters Killed about 242 thousand
Death Count 125
Wins / Losses 370 / 16
Temple Completed at 05/01/2014
Ark Completed at 09/16/2015 (330.7%)
Pairs Gathered at 09/27/2017
Savings 19M, 26k (63.4%)
Pet Significant otter Pokie 66th level
Boss Tinkerhell with 266 of power


Weapon heartbreaker +118
Shield pièce de résistance +117
Head beard of bees +117
Body traffic jammies +118
Arms touchy feelers +117
Legs bonus footage +117
Talisman crime ring +116


  • mass effect level 101
  • cobweb gulp level 94
  • dove of peace level 84
  • bad breath level 81
  • tin throat level 80
  • full throttle level 79
  • rays of love level 74
  • thumb blowing level 71
  • epitaph writing level 69
  • awkward silence level 61




  • Honored Favorite
  • Honored Hunter
  • Honored Raider
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Savior, 1st rank
  • Seadog, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Invincible, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Moneybag, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Careerist, 3rd rank
  • Coach, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Dungeon style:

- Active driving. No intentional afk killing. Tend to avoid bosses and save gp.
- Happy to see someone else driving, anything can be negotiated EXCEPT for extreme non-sense driving, where I will force a full control over the team.
- Respect driver please. This is the minimal thing you should do even if you’re lying dead.

- Examples: trying so hard to kill all except 2 [punish etc], ‘give me control or I go back to exit’.

- Non-example: noobish driving. I am always happy to help.


Can’t we just have coupling in Godville? I want Mystearica!

Mystearica told me that one day my princess will come. Well, if she’s anything like me, she is lost and too stubborn to ask for directions.

Saw a really cool item at a great price, but Mystearica wanted it too, so I let her buy it instead

11:31 Climbed a tree to avoid the Major Disappointment. Met Mystearica avoiding her own problems.

After a long day of monster slaying, I told Mystearica to bear with me while I collect myself. She thought I said, “Beer with me” and subsequently, we spent 20234 coins at the tavern.

10:09 (1435 g.e.)
Hmm… nice settlement you have here. Unspecifiedistan, you say?

4:58 (1824 g.e.)
Hello, Lostway. I heard no one visits you anymore because you’re so crowded…

05:38 (1955 g.e.)
A log! A thousandth log! I’m even ready for a flood now. Not that I’m asking for it, my Lady.

10:46 (2525 g.e.)
Used the pet door when entering Lostway to avoid the “entrance fee” the guards charge at the main gate.

Saturio said from above, “I’d spray my charges over sails rather than those stupid bosses :/ anyway no gp now.” Following his inner voice, Forretrio decides to read a quick prayer.

  • Preface

Well I may look tough but it’s Saturio who used to send me to the stupid arena. The only good news is that she never leave me alone there and always give me the correct things to do (her thunder often misses, though), and leaving my arena record pretty good. Actually I would prefer having more beers comfortably in the bar instead…

One day I recieve a strange voice telling me to write something else than the diary. But my dear Saturio you know I can’t think of any sentences with more than one word! Anyway I will try to write how I fight (like, turning my back towards the opponent showing my contempt, or how I was impressed by the opponents’ skills) perhaps in the pub, so that I maybe able to think of more than one word when I am drunk.

If there was ever an opponent that worth mentioning that must be Hansch…

  • Occupations

Hero, serving his master Saturio of course.

In order to further extend his beer funds, he opened a little consultation store near his favorite pub. He provides consultations on arena skills, gold brick accumulating…and beer hunting. To acquire membership one should fill the application form “add Forretrio as friend”.

Recently Forretrio are more often appointed to sail and to explore the rest of the Godville world. From the animals he retrieved from both the sea and the ponds, he often wonder: does sea animals survive in fresh water, and vice versa? That could be a big problem when he is asked to organize a quick dating among those animals, because it’s so hard to pick a suitable venue…

  • Diary quotes

04:30 Found a package with the label “BACON” on it. Ate it without question.

05:46 Forretrio told the funniest joke in the world. Shyborg cracked a rib laughing.

05:48 Shyborg told the funniest joke in the world. Blackpony cracked a rib laughing.

04:33 Threw my praystation up into the sky as a present for you, Most Righteous One. Then watched it come crashing down to earth and smash into a thousand pieces. But it came from the heart!

04:19 (2366 g.e.) Tribbles tribe reached the critical mass and loudly transformed into a thing that immediately ran off to a forest. Found 18895 gold coins in the inventory. — 38 hungry tribbles

07:38 (2567 g.e.) Felt a burning desire to disassemble the dimensional destabilizer. Found something unbelievable inside — a scroll with instructions on how to get a premature level up! — Lv 93 → 94

06:38 Tinkerhell hit his rival in the ear. Tinkerhell was dazed and fell flat on his face.

*Christmas event

Notes from the battlefield: The Snowman was used up for gold and experience! Time to return to my heroic deeds. ➠
Notes from the battlefield: Snowflakes formed into snowballs. Snowballs turned into a snowdrift. From the snowdrift the Snowman majestically arose. ➠
A festive miracle turns snowflakes from my loot bag into a snowman. Hey, I think he has presents!
Something something… the Aporkalyptic Pig something something… a ❄. You can fill in the blanks yourself, Almighty.

  • Dungeon/Sail/Fish

The earth suddenly shook, the sky rained byte-code and artifacts came out on the textures… Something strange is going on in the depths of Godville. The heroes looked at each other and ducked out of harm’s way.

Nothing lives in this still water. Better try some other place next time.

Sat down to fish. Hooked the arena ticket. Almighty, please send me a big fish, so I won’t have to lie again.

Fishing in this area is prohibited, which only makes it more interesting. This golden brick should make good bait.

One of my artifacts just fell into pieces. Found a chain reactor, a deus ex machina, a pre-paid indulgence card, an indifference engine, a root of all goodness, a free fall accelerator, a mole-extracting shovel, the key to success, a hexcavator, a time amplification device, a fog of war machine, generic goodness in a bottle, a dupe detector, a golden cinder block, a mole-extracting shovel, a jar of pickled pixies, a golden snitch and 15257 coins in the shards.

^ 16 items, 15 bold, 15k coins

A tiny aiming error — and the divine grace falls on Golden Fish, instead of Forretrio.

Declared an unplanned fishing day. Now I need to find something that’d bite on the golden brick.

Just heard a strange rustling coming from my knapsack and found a golden brick where a bold trophy used to be.

Note: sail upon quest completion won’t induce selling, so you can keep your treasure box and open it after restoring gp.

  • On 2506 g.e. he earned his first honourable mention on Godville Times:

Forretrio – 89th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “The angel of darkness >_<”, stands at the 21st position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Saturio. He’s asking someone to capture the flag and report the results via telegram.

  • 4 days later (2510 g.e.), he earned his second honourable mention:

Forretrio – 90th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “The angel of darkness >_<”, stands at the 55th position in the pantheon of taming under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Saturio. His worst enemy – an Assault Shaker. Favorite trophy – something that looks like a tricycle kickstand. He is also a huge fan of San Satanos’s pubs.

(Note: he hadn’t been to San Satanos for ages. That’s because Saturio hate there due to low gp output. The editor must be bluffing…)

(2697 g.e.) 11:47
Luminous One, I just re-counted the pairs and I think the ark now has a thousand of them. We’re not going to cram another thousand in there, do we?

(2812 g.e.) 22:54 It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE! (Monster awake 266%)


  • (Pokie) Sandy

Caught: 3/2/2014

Sandy is a cute little creature that helped me almost nothing in the game, but she tried to stay significant. I don’t find her effort being respected by other creatures, though. Once the ark is completed, she was assigned the new name Pokie.

Level 30: ~300 days (8/12/14)

Level 50: ~850 days (5/6/16)

Level 52: ~910 days (8/8/16) (+2 quick rez)

Level 53: ~950 days (29/9/16) (+1 quick rez)

Level 54: ~980 days (29/10/16) (0 quick rez)

Level 55: ~1010 days (6/12/16) (1 quick rez)

Level 56: ~1040 days (30/12/16) (0 quick rez)

Level 57: ~1070 days (29/1/17) (2 quick rez)

Level 58: ~1130 days (26/3/17) (0 quick rez)

Level 59: ~1180 days (13/5/17) (0 quick rez)

Level 60: ~1200 days (10/6/17) (1 quick rez)

Level 61: ~1260 days (25/7/17) (1 quick rez)

Level 62: ~1290 days (30/8/17) (0 quick rez)

Level 63: ~1340 days (22/10/17) (1 quick rez)

Level 64: ~1380 days (4/12/17) (0 quick rez)

Level 65: ~1430 days (24/1/18) (1 quick rez)

Level 66: ~1470 days (8/3/18) (1 quick rez)

Level 67: — (0 quick rez)

06:05 Sandy sat aside to watch my epic battle with the monster. You’re so worthless, significant otter.

10:24 Stopped to watch Sandy duel another significant otter. Threw a few treats as encouragement. Good job, Sandy! You are my significant otter, right?

04:42 Sandy yawned and put the Abracadaver to sleep, allowing me to perform a fatal hit. Good job!

07:25 My silly significant otter darted out right in front of me, and I almost stepped on him. That would have ended badly.

01:54 Oh Sandy, I remember when you were a young significant otter and I beat you into submission! Thankfully you are on my side now… aren’t you?

03:38 Sandy prepared a comparative market analysis demonstrating the limited supplies of astral projector in the current marketplace. The trader had no choice but to increase his price to 335 gold coins.

03:03 A hero told me that pet training was difficult. He was wrong. My Pokie had me trained within two days.

06:51 (1958 g.e.)
Divine enlightenment politely made it clear that I was calling my pet by the wrong name all this time. I’ll be calling him Pokie from now on!

02:17 (2159 g.e.)
Scraped together 19268 gold coins and managed to persuade the priests to heal my pet. Oh, Pokie, I’m glad to see you in great shape again!

My silly significant otter darted out right in front of me, and I almost stepped on him. Pokie, don’t get on my nerves! And definitely don’t get under my feet!

Pokie roared loudly and charged at the Electric Orc Welder, but stumbled and fell. Yes, that’s definitely my significant otter.

Pokie healed the monster. the Headless Chicken looks confused, but happy.

  • Temple

Was about to commission a local artist to create a marble statue of me for my guild hall. I’m glad I decided against it and put those 6278 gold coins into savings… Word is that he’s just another chiseler.

My Lady, I checked the donations box in your temple and found a mysterious blue brick. As I tried to decide what to sell it for, it suddenly disappeared, leaving me totally confused.

Dearest diary, today was the day! I carefully laid the last brick, swept all the rooms, opened all windows to let your glorious light shine in. I can’t believe it, your temple is finally finished, my Lady! I feel delirious with happiness.

Once you manage to become one with the universe – an epic reward is already in your pocket! I already feel 13719 gold coins richer and much closer to my next level!

Omnipotent One, what do you do with the gold I sacrifice to you? Do you use it for hanging out? Anyway, here are 2015 coins – have some fun.

Notes from the arena: Mystearica is unconscious. Forretrio successfully fulfilled the goal of praising his deity! The winner got richer by 2 coins and a golden brick.

He’d completed the epic quest in one minute!

  • Arena

Duels before temple completed: 355 / 14

Per hundred wins: 100/8, 100/4, 100/2, 55/2

Charge: 22 × 8

Time taken: 120 days

Average rate: 8.33 bricks / day

Record: 17 bricks in a day

  • Misc

Lostway count: 3

Unspecifiedistan count: 1

Bingo #1: 1 (2166 g.e.)

On newspaper: 3 (2506, 2510, 2687 g.e.)

Saving: 7M: 12/6/16

8M: 21/7/16

9M: 1/10/16

10M: 28/11/16

11M: 11/1/17

12M: 4/3/17

13M: 14/4/17

14M: 30/5/17

15M: 2/8/17 (went afk for 15 days in between)

200% ark: 29/11/16