Bella Rebe

level 73

The devil in the details.

Age 1 year 10 months
Personality pure good
Guild Legion of the Dead
Monsters Killed about 139 thousand
Death Count 29
Wins / Losses 91 / 91
Temple Completed at 09/17/2018
Ark Completed at 11/10/2019 (101.6%)
Twos of Every Kind 19m, 21f (1.9%)
Savings 4M, 833k (16.1%)
Pet Double dragon Toto 5th level


Weapon icethrower +84
Shield political correctness +84
Head frame of mind +84
Body biodegradable armor +86
Arms love shackles +83
Legs plumsoles +82
Talisman Orb of Incremental Idiocy +82


  • opacity control level 51
  • swear-o-matic level 46
  • sword-swallowing level 45
  • radioportation level 44
  • awkward silence level 43
  • battle chess level 43
  • somersault squatting level 42
  • Cheshire smile level 40
  • backyard portal level 38
  • rickrolling level 34




  • Honored Favorite
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Hunter, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 2nd rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Raider, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Coach, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank
  • Moneybag, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Danuit’s Molotov Cocktail Party

Saw a tree that had a heart etched into it with ‘Bella Rebe + Danuit’ inside of it. Hmm… I think Danuit might be confused about the depth of our relationship. Something I would have to correct. And soon!

Thinking deeply on how to handle this, I came to the conclusion that it should be soon and public. Still thinking, I received a certified letter inviting The Legion of the Dead to some sort of cocktail party for Danuit at the The Forsaken Lament’s guildhall. Perfect, maybe with enough people there partying he won’t cry so publicly and loudly, again. And if he does, there will be free booze.

I made sure to post the missive to the Legion’s board in the hope that someone else, I knew, would attend and got ready. Legionnaire formal wear is so elegant but hard to clean. Still, as the Lord Commander I need to make sure I make a good impression. I hope Wanderrr shows up, it would be nice to have someone to watch out for me. These parties are…. newsworthy.

So, 2 things. One, Danuit as host leaves no time to talk to him other than sly winks and innuendos of things that will NEVER happen. Two, Molotov cocktails is not a type of drink but an abuse of alcohol. I did my duty and liberated as much wine and liquor as I could. But the lights, sounds, explosions, fire, sirens? I remember patches… gods vs goddesses, which are real which sound psycho…oh lord, I hope you weren’t listening… I think I stole some recruits for the Legion…. or did I join another guild?

Where am I? Who is that under the covers? What did I do? Please, anyone but Danuit. Well, not anyone, not Special Eddie. Oh, don’t look, maybe they won’t remember me either.

“Ok, up and at ’em. Some of you made bail, some of you were just too drunk to make it home. Pay your fine, make your mark, and get out of here..”

Thank Sand Devil, I’m in jail….


The Lights tips on going to town

For getting to those towns I have two tips: Right after you pass the town, tell your hero/heroine to “Go to town.” When you tell them, make sure they’re not busy. They might not listen the first few times. So be persistent. I will add when I’ve been within 15 MS of Godville, regardless if there’s another town on the way, my dummy goes to Godville.
The other tip is if you see your hero/heroine getting close, supposedly they walk a milestone a minute. So I do some math and set a timer to check in. Because they get distracted along the way, it will take longer.

Legion of the Dead tips on obtaining gold bricks

A while back I asked all the members for their tips on building a temple.
That I remember the results were:
1) login and check up. The hero(ine) is more likely to do the correct behavior when you log in. The more you log in, the more your hero tends to….do things, quest and what not. If you don’t log in very often they seem to get lazy and quest more slowly.
2) when your avatar has 3,000 gold, zap them with an encourage or punishment. Punishment is effective more often.
3) never ever disturb while fishing. They often fish out a brick.
4) Do a ZPG duel every day. First 5 minutes of every hour is ZPG which is 50/50 win/lose. Some days you will get a brick for participating. Which means greater than 50% chance to walk away with a brick.
5) experiment with god voices and digging. It can pay off with a brick. If you can get the hero to listen.
6) Some artifacts change bold items in your inventory in to bricks. That’s helpful too, sometimes.

Did I forget anything?

2019 November 9 ({{Date ge|11|9|2019}}) 06:36 PM Notes from the dungeon: The heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Bella Rebe gets 31388 gold coins, a log for the ark, a logic gate, an invite to Godville and a small hadron collider.

2019 November 9 ({{Date ge|11|9|2019}}) 06:36 PM A log! A thousandth log! I’m even ready for a flood now. Not that I’m asking for it, Great One.

2019 November 9 ({{Date ge|11|9|2019}}) 09:16 PM A fenimal took the bait, lazily looked around and strolled into my ark.

march 10 02:40 PM Soul Supreme, you won’t believe this! I’ve just heard a choir singing a song with the words “Yesterday, when it was tomorrow, there was too much day” in it. I guess you’re getting famous and godpowerful!

march 10 12:41 PM Rain clouds materialized, forming the words “Yesterday, when it was tomorrow, there was too much day”, and erupted into a downpour which completely drenched me. Next time, say it, don’t spray it, Almighty.

2018 October 21 12:57 PM Saw a sign reading “The Vilebloods guild rules!” Amended it by adding “Rule 1: Don’t join this guild. Rule 2: If you’re in this guild, leave immediately. Rule 3: Join Legion of the Dead instead”. Tee hee!

2018 October 14 hunter 2nd

2018 October 14 shipwright 3rd

2018 October 06 11:58 AM Heard that the devil is in the details. Glad my plans never have any.

2018 September 27 Ideabox News

  • Sand Devil: leader in innovative ideas since… yesterday.

2018 September 17 07:31 AM Upon reaching your temple, my Lord, I encountered a group of parishioners so thick I couldn’t get in, but Sooba soon sent them fleeing in terror. Great! Now what am I supposed to do with this blue brick they left on the altar?

Carefully placed the last brick, swept all the rooms, opened all doors, and cut the ribbon in a stately manner with my sword. I can’t believe it’s finally happened! After all these months of work, the temple in your name is finished, my Lord! I feel crazy with happiness.

2018 September 17 06:00 AM As the air crackled with energy, my purse jerked and lightened. Sooba coughed and abruptly yakked up an enormous hairball. Gleaming through the grey mess was a perfect golden brick! Sooba belched contentedly and sat down to groom himself.

2018 September 14 Ideabox News

  • Having lost his limbo stick, Sand Devil is making the most of his imagination.

Bella Rebe40th-level adventurer, member of the Legion of the Dead guild, with the motto “The devil in the details.”, stands at the 182nd position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god Sand Devil . The heroine has no distinctive features to date; however, she promises to get some before her next appearance.

2018 July 28 01:27 PM Omnipotent One, I just became aware that your saying, “Happy 3000 days and anniversary to Godville and happy celebrations to all!”, is widely spreading around. Sounds like a great prayer to me.

2018 July 28 06:39 AM After such a glorious battle with the Bipolar Bear I could not bring myself to deliver the finishing blow. Instead, he will be my new companion. Come along, Sooba, let’s go questing!

2018 June 16 08:35 AM Found someone who allowed me to join Legion of the Dead . Hi, fellows!

2018 June 13 The Dark Unicorns – Cardinal