level 69

4ever a true Knight ♞ Ni!

Age 9 years
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 146 thousand
Death Count 113
Wins / Losses 53 / 34
Temple Completed at 01/12/2013
Wood for Ark 49.9%
Savings 2M, 855k (9.5%)
Pet Multi-legged luggage Snowy 19th level


Weapon out-of-phaser +80
Shield random innocent bystander +77
Head aye-aye cap +79
Body shroud of uncertainty +78
Arms indemnity claws +78
Legs stalactights +79
Talisman heavy metal band +80


  • explosive character level 46
  • elbow bite level 45
  • battle chess level 44
  • liana-eyebrows level 39
  • slap of the whale level 34
  • quantum leap level 31
  • fanned fingers level 30
  • full throttle level 29
  • tin throat level 25
  • spoon-bending level 25




  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Renegade, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Shipwright, 2nd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

10/20/2011 06:19 Walked across a pond. Wait… what just happened?

As shown by his miraculous walking on water, the hero thus proves that Phantaztix is in fact God.

01/25/2012 22:07: I was trying to spread the word at Godville’s main square, informing the people about my guild, when suddenly thunder boomed and amplified my voice a hundredfold. People here are going to remember the “Knights who say Ni” guild for a long time.


04:57 A gust of wind lifted me off the ground, and as it swirled around me, it whispered ‘dig.’

04:58 I can’t dig here! There’s a golden brick in the way. Oh well, I’ll simply take it.

This was the final brick needed for the Hero’s temple!