level 40

My god has no motto yet.

Age 7 years 11 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 34 thousand
Death Count 23
Wins / Losses 49 / 24
Bricks for Temple 46.0%
Pet Rocky raccoon Simba


Weapon captain's log +49
Shield smoke and mirrors +48
Head ice pack +48
Body asteroid belt +48
Arms cold shoulder pads +50
Legs happy feet +48
Talisman fake ID +48


  • poisoned kiss level 21
  • seasickness level 20
  • sunstroke level 19
  • powerful sneeze level 16
  • swear-o-matic level 16
  • tooth sampling level 13
  • knight's move level 10
  • exhaust of the dragon level 9
  • bloody itch level 6




  • Honored Renegade
  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Careerist, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Animalist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Coach, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Invincible, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

All these are written to commemorate special events (first win in arena, first gold brick etc.) with regards to the life of Ergatis

The Beginning Of A Journey

Ergatis, the peasant who was called into the servitude of the god, Ntanil.

Ergatis had always been different. True he was the most hardworking in all the kingdom, yet he still questioned the order or how the nobles liked to call it, ‘guidance’ of the higher ups. In this system, no matter how much peasants like him worked, everything went to the Queen and her nobles. Which was why Ergatis still couldn’t hang out at his favourite place in the world, The Tavern. (as it turns out, drinks ‘on the house’ only applied to those WITH a house and all Ergatis had was a straw mat!)

One day while taking a break from his meaningless labour (that’s what he considered it anyway), a voice boomed from above.

Ergatis, mighty warrior, chosen one!

W-w-who’s there??

I am Ntanil, god of..

You want me to serve?? I’m in! Let me serve Almighty One!

Um okayy.. But..

I’ll pack my bags this instant and leave! I won’t disappoint you!

B-but wait!

But it was decided. Ergatis had already packed his things (all he had was a straw mat!) and was off!

Call it fate but in actual truth, Ergatis was desperate to break out of the kingdom and the fact that serving his Almighty earns him coins to spend in The Tavern, ah well.. bliss!

As a matter of fact, all I wanted to ask him for was the time and year. You see, gods take loong naps.

From Zero To Hero

The battle had gone on long enough or so Ergatis thought. Yet the monster before him looked as if it were just getting started.

This has to end now. Happy Hour at The Tavern starts in 30 minutes! he mumbled to himself.

And with that and with the bravery of an ant, Ergatis charged and shouted, I’m greater than what you can imagine! You can’t defeat me! I’m in your head!!

Now what happened next was completely unexpected. Ntanil would call it dumb luck although Ergatis claims it was all part of his brilliantly executed strategy. You see, the monster believing that Ergatis was ‘in its head’, actually pounded its own head and further forgetting that it had sharp claws, made quite a huge hole in its skull!

Ah heck! Monster dead, Ergatis richer and most importantly, in time for Happy Hour! Quoting Ergatis, “It was a happy ending for all. That monster should be glad it’s stupidity can no longer contaminate the world” True story.

Mission Accomplished!

In all honesty, noone quite remembers Ergatis’ first quest. All that can be assumed is that it ended in The Tavern. To put it in Ergatis’ own words, “I never chose to be a hero, but I can’t remember being anything else.” which isn’t entirely true cos as we all remember, Ergatis did in fact choose to be a hero. Looks like Ntanil’s hero might be suffering from a mild case of chronic memory loss.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Made a few friends today. It is nice having friends around this lands. Who knew the world was so big! So many things to see, so many adventures unexplored! At these times, it sure is good to have friends!

Our Hero Has Fallen!

Simply put, it was either due to overconfidence or simply cos he was still hungover from last night but Ergatis wasn’t the fighter he was and it so proved as the monster swung him here and there like a dish rag. Bruised and battered, tired and weary, he gave one final prayer to Ntanil to save him but to no avail.

Is this the end? he said as the monster closed in for one final blow.

In my defense, I was taking a nap and gods do take loong naps.

Is This Heaven??

I’m not quite sure what happened. One minute I was staring at the face of the Faceless Man, next everything was white and after that, black. Before I knew it, I was back at The Tavern as if nothing happened! And I could’ve sworn I just died! I’m sure this has something to do with the Great One. Either that or my life is simply a video game where I can live forever. Hmm. Something worth looking into. Wait! I can live forever?? I CAN LIVE FOREVER!!!

The Rise Of Ntanil’s Temple!

While walking along the yellow brick road, Ergatis came across a chest on the ground! And come on, who wouldn’t open a chest on the ground? In the first place, who on earth could be lucky enough to find a chest on the ground?? Anyways, Ergatis opened it and found 2 toothpicks and some cotton candy! Hah! Bet you thought he found those golden bricks you people use to build temples. But yes yes I’m getting to that. How Ergatis found his first golden brick in fact should be a whole new chapter in this chronicle! So here goes..

Ooh Shiny!!

As Ergatis was going on his daily stroll (which covered a distance from The Tavern (Ergatis’ favourite spot) to A Tavern (Ergatis’ second favourite spot), he heard a cry for help and being the kind soul that he was, went to see if he could be any sort of assistance.

From way off, he saw a hero getting beaten down by a monster, a large ugly brute with a face that he was sure noone could love (this was especially true contrary to the saying ‘a face only a mother could love’ as the monster’s mother was already dead). With a sudden burst and adrenaline and renewed vigor obtained from his walk (see, it pays to be healthy!), Ergatis shouted with all his might Chaaarge! and with chopsticks in hand, rushed forward at the beast.

The battle was short but intense but Ergatis managed to emerge victorious! Unfortunately, the hero he had planned to rescue was already dead.

Further ahead, Ergatis noticed a large structure made of gold, gleaming in the sunlight. On closer inspection, he found out that it in fact was a temple devoted to another god.

Probably a false one. Oh the poor souls who spent their lives living this delusion. he thought to himself as he went back to the body of the fallen hero ahead.

Back at the body, Ergatis placed two gold coins on top of the fallen hero’s eyes as a bribe for the ferryman and quickly withdrew them.

He can make his own bribe. he thought to himself and checked the hero’s pockets for valuables. Hidden deep within the sachets of the fallen hero was a golden brick-something Ergatis had never seen before. Together with it Ergatis took some coins from the hero although he did leave 2 coins behind for the fallen hero to bribe the ferryman with. He was thoughtful that way. Anyways going back to..

The Rise Of Ntanil’s Temple

With golden brick in hand, Ergatis went to the top of Mount Supmylo. The hike was treacherous but our hero endured with his only thought being to build a temple for his Lord.

As he reached the top, Ergatis held the golden brick up and shouted at the top of his voice, May this brick be the cornerstone and first of many to come in the erection of the temple of Ntanil the god of..

At that moment, a beam of light bathed Ergatis and his wounds healed immediately. Even his torn clothes were mended (and a good thing too! They were his favourite pair!). Sensing approval, Ergatis felt confident Ntanil would aid him in building the temple. (In fact, if you asked him, Ergatis would say the beam of light was the sunhight reflecting off the gleaming pearly whites of Ntanil. Though we all know it was really because of global warming and the thinning of the ozone. Just don’t tell Ergatis that! How his wounds got healed is anybody’s guess.)

Hence from that day forth, everytime he came back from a quest, Ergatis would take the time and effort to travel to the building where he first obtained the golden brick and move them to construct Ntanil’s temple. He reasoned such valuable resources were not doing any good being in a temple devoted to a false god anyways.

Aarghh! Boils!

My champion, Ergatis is a fine being. Coming from peasant roots, he certainly knows the value of hard work.

However,recently he seems to be developing an arrogant attitude though. With that in mind, I should direct him back to the path of a true champion-one worthy to claim he represents the great god, Ntanil which is what he promised me he would be!

I will inflict Ergatis with severe boils until he diverts back to the path of his true calling. May this writing bear witness to the word of Ntanil!

Ergatis Meets Ntanil!

The sun shone brightly down from the sky and I was blinded. The intensity swept me out of my body. Looking around, I found myself standing in an endless field of grass. A benevolent spirit appeared and winked at me. When I returned to my body, I felt renewed.

This can only be the work of the Mighty One.

O Mighty Ntanil, is that you?

No answer. Though I’m sure it was Him. Who else could it be?

Ntanil Sent

Ergatis couldn’t recall much but when he awoke, he was smacked in the middle of Godville arena with the masses cheering for blood.

With beads of sweat falling down his cheeks, he waited as the gates across the arena swung open to reveal his opponent.

A figure stepped out. A man larger in size but carrying only a tiny weapon. Somewhere in a distance a gong sounded.

The duel had begun!

The crowds screamed for blood! Their fists pumped in the air.

Easy for you to cheer. You’re not the one trying to leave this place in one piece. Ergatis thought to himself. It was true. Ever since the local doctors invented a way to reattach body parts, most duels did in fact end with heroes getting carried out in parts regardless whether you lost OR won! Not to mention Ergatis had a hard enough time trying to hold his weapon with his palms drenched with sweat.

The two warriors faced each other to perform the customary bow. Only his opponent didn’t bow! As Ergatis lowered his head, it was met with a boot to his jaw. The battle had begun and Ergatis was on the losing end!

The duel prolonged until both heroes were worn out and panting. With trickles of blood and bruises here and there (but no missing limbs. Thank Ntanil.), they squared off for what would probably be the last time. As each man raised his weapon for one final attack, a ray of light shone down on Ergatis. Ntanil was watching! Ergatis heard a whisper in his ear, Now finish him off, my champion!

At that moment, his opponent just lost it. Buckets of sweat gushed across his face, mixing with his blood. In vain, he called out to his god but it fell on deaf ears. The victor was clear!

His opponent laid sprawled on the floor. And so it will be with all the others! Ntanil’s Judgement was born!

The Blue Feather

Ergatis was feeling so alone. He had just battled off a horde of monsters while trying to complete his quest, ‘Battle off a horde of monsters’. And to make matters worse, every last penny he had had gone into mending his wounds and purchasing healing supplies. Not enough money for even The Tavern!

It was right then that they appeared! Men dressed in blue and holding some dangerously looking equipment, walking as if they owned the place. Ergatis was immediately awestruck and trust me when I say ‘You never ever gawk at people with your mouth open’. And that was exactly what Ergatis was doing! His jaw dropped even further when one of them came up to him and with a hand extended, said, ‘Come with us. We could use a worthy ally.’ And with the blue feather now emblazoned on his arm, we can just say the rest is history.

Shocking Loss!

I don’t really know what had happened but it seems as though my opponent this time is just too overpowering! O Ntanil, look down and smite him before he smites me!

New Companion, New Beginnings

There was something different about this Firefox. Well first of all, it’s eyes had a sense of goodness in them.

About time he got himself a companion. Come on my son. This is a pet befitting of your stature!

Oh no! What have I done? Don’t worry little fox. I’ll get you a medic now!

Phew! That Firefox is all better now. It’s a good thing I got it to a medic in time. Looking at it now, it does seem kinda cute. I wonder if.. Nah scratch that.

A week has passed and Rex has never left my side. Oh yeah, I probably should mention that he has become my trusted companion in my ventures. Onward, Rex!

Goodbye Rex!

I was too late. I had the money but Rex’s time had run out. Goodbye Rex! I’m gonna miss you.

R.I.P Rex

to be continued