level 87

You are here, as am I ☽

Age 1 year 10 months
Personality gentle
Guild Harvest Moon
(grand master)
Monsters Killed about 136 thousand
Death Count 43
Wins / Losses 583 / 118
Temple Completed at 09/11/2016
Ark Completed at 07/02/2017 (174.4%)
Twos of Every Kind 370m, 349f (34.9%)
Savings 12M, 899k (43.0%)
Pet Hyper lynx Clicks 29th level


Weapon Doomerang +96
Shield guild crest +96
Head Apollo's sunshade +96
Body Lucifur coat +97
Arms manacles of freedom +96
Legs animated shorts +98
Talisman bonsai tree of knowledge +97


  • cobweb gulp level 75
  • stifling embrace level 74
  • elbow bite level 72
  • iron vortex level 64
  • spontaneous combustion level 61
  • unbearable boredom level 61
  • Cheshire smile level 60
  • mountain moving level 58
  • dove of peace level 57
  • self-cloning level 53




  • Honored Dueler
  • Honored Favorite
  • Honored Hunter
  • Honored Invincible
  • Honored Raider
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Champion, 1st rank
  • Saint, 1st rank
  • Shipwright, 1st rank
  • Coach, 2nd rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Moneybag, 2nd rank
  • Savior, 2nd rank
  • Seadog, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

On the Adventure Pantheon

Disclaimer: All information presented below are deduced and tested to the best of my personal ability at the time. I cannot claim absolute certainty given the nature of the pantheon’s expiring points and my own rash oversights in how I set things up. I do believe what I have done lays excellent groundwork for future research and wholeheartedly welcome/encourage any and all future attempts by anyone to prove or disprove my findings. And, of course, the devs can always tweak things in the future, potentially rendering any and all information here irrelevant.

So, without further ado,

  • What are my dungeons/sails worth?

For dungeon:

+3 points per hero, if they exit through treasure alive.
It does not matter if log was guaranteed, or how many afk were killed along the way. No extra bonus for the guild if multiple players are from the same guild in the same dungeon.

+1 point if the dungeon ended any other way for a hero.
It doesn't matter if the team ran out of steps, exited through entrance, all got killed by a boss/traps, all but one got killed, your hero died but rest of team made it to treasure, etc.
I could not catch all possible combinations and scenarios, but all evidence seems to suggest that dungeon type/nooks do not make a difference on these numbers.

For sail:

+9 points for exiting with loot of any kind.
It does not matter if it was through the edge of the map or through center port, if the loot was just a small crate or a manimal/fenimal/treasure bag. No bonus points for any combination of multiple booties, or if you got it by pirating someone else. And, similar to dungeon, no extra points for a guild if multiple guild mates sail together on the same map.

+3 points for ending a sail in any other way.
Doesn't matter if you drowned (by beastie or got sunk by another player), exited with nothing, ran out of supplies or steps, etc.
Similar to dungeon, it did not look like special sail rules had any effect on these numbers.

  • What exactly does the Adventure Pantheon measure? Why is my guild suddenly gaining/losing a whole lot of points?

It appears to be simple addition. Each individual god earns a number of points each time they send to a dungeon or sail. The amount of points one god’s account is “worth” is the sum of all points earned from the past year. Any activity from longer than a year ago “expires”, and is subtracted from this sum. Thus, if an account has been dungeoning/sailing for longer than one year, the number of points that that account is “worth” will likely fluctuate with every pantheon update, depending on how its current activity cancels or balances against the (possibly) constant loss from expiration.

A guild’s Adventure score is the sum of the current “worth” of all its Chief Masters and above. The “worth” of any Master or below is invisible and not taken into account until the next pantheon update immediately following the time when said Master becomes Chief Master. If any Chief Master+ leaves, the guild loses the amount of points that that account is currently “worth” in the following update. Naturally, that apparent loss can be dampened by new activity from current Chief Masters+ (if greater than simultaneous loss), and/or any increase in the number of templed/arked Chief Masters that happened concurrently within the 12 hours between pantheon updates.

I tracked the points of the top 3 guilds in addition to that of my test guild for the duration of my experiment, and a graph can be seen here.

Unfortunately, tracking the coming and going of Chief Masters+ for the big guilds was confusing and more than I could handle. Guild stats update only once a day, while Adventure updates 2x daily, not to mention the update times themselves do not line up. The stats page also fails to show people who might have spam-miracled to finish guild quests faster than the daily updates could pick up.

With all that said, I do believe the Adventure pantheon is an excellent insight into how active a guild is (with consideration to size), even more so than Duelery due to shorter retention time for points. I sincerely appreciate that the devs expanded the game to include this feature.

  • Any thoughts on how to increase my guild’s standing in this pantheon?

Given the nature of (hopefully) constant gain in points due to new activity and simultaneous loss of points due to expiration for all Chief Masters+ guild-wide, unless significant changes in membership happen (gaining or losing long-term active members play a dramatic role; for example, Ngma is worth 3707 points as of this writing), most active guilds should be breaking even and maintaining about the same amount of points. To push for increase means having to constantly out-do what the guild was a year ago, which is easier for new guilds but would require much continued dedication for established older guilds.

That said, I think a number of things can benefit everyone. For starters, obviously, encourage as many members as possible to send to dungeon/sails, over an extended amount of time. Have it be a part of guild culture to encourage participation in this aspect of the game. It’s impossible to earn zero or negative points unless you stop playing and become less active overall.

Regularly attracting and keeping new active members is also obviously ideal. Even if dungeons net less points, they have much shorter cd’s and are accessible to greater numbers of eager younger (account age-wise) members.

Encourage your older (account age-wise) arked members to sail more. Even if they send and immediately go afk, the potential point gain over dungeons is still apparent. Blue Feather has an excellent sailing guide with a section specifically on how to sail cheaply and efficiently, for those willing to put in more effort.

There are plenty of other ideas that I’m not creative enough to come up with on my own. Discuss this with your guild. This is all a group effort after all.

  • Special Thanks

To Zekita and Hairplug4men, thank you for your direct help in numerous sail conditions that would have been near impossible without you
To Nyx of Darkness for being the first to offer ideas and to have come to my support, when really I wasn’t expecting any
To Sohail, Brihtnoth, Kyta S Indigo, and many others in HM gc for discussing and questioning my methodologies, to cover as many bases and scenarios as possible that I hadn’t thought of
To you, without whom I wouldn’t have even thought to do this :o

And, last but not least, to our Harvest Moon CEO THE GREAT HARVESTER for being a constant loud all-caps voice in the forefront of my mind, motivating me out of fear for my life. Imagine if I had dared to desert only to come crawling back with nothing to show ;_;


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